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HOW tactfully refuse a permanent supplier

As tactfully refuse a permanent supplier

Even business relationships based primarilylikely to benefit, suggest some privileges for regular business partners with whom you associate the years of cooperation. In this case, you can be yourself and unpleasant refusal, and, at the same time, you want to maintain a normal relationship.

Disclaimer regular suppliers in the continuation of cooperation is easiest to take the form of letters, excluding awkward personal explanation.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Form your kompanii-
  • - Printer-
  • - the envelope.



It seems to be easy, you find the same productat a better price, and you should refuse to another provider with whom you have established long business cooperation. But in this case the usual phrases like "we have to refuse further cooperation" could be misinterpreted and taken as an insult. In the business world should respect their partners and avoid a complete rupture of relations, so you should write a letter of refusal in such a way as to leave open the possibility of cooperation in the future, because it is possible that the terms of this cooperation in the future can be changed to your benefit.


That the first thing to internally tunenothing bad to write you are not going, and failure in business communication does not mean some kind of insult. Both you and your permanent partners are pursuing their goals, they may or may not coincide, but each of you has the right to reach them any more favorable, optimal and rational ways. Your task is to deny the most tactful and correct manner. Make it not so difficult.


particularly important when posting a personal failureaddressing. Start it with this appeal: "Dear Ivan!". Be sure to thank those business partner in the offer, which he sent to your address, or for long-term cooperation. Here it is necessary to make it clear that the proposals you have been carefully studied and that this cooperation has been useful for you. It is essential that your destination is seen in the text of the facts and the words that are familiar to him. This serves to confirm the sincerity of your words.


The transfer of ownership to the failure, must be clearlyformulate and he refused, and the reasons that prompted you to reject the proposal or to suspend further cooperation. For example: "At the present time we can not accept your offer, since our company is not able to buy the offered goods at specified prices" or "We are forced to temporarily refuse to cooperate with you on this issue, because we more favorable terms were offered, allowing increase efficiency of our company. "


Letter of refusal must contain references toalternatives in the future cooperation: "We hope that our cooperation will continue in the future we will remain partners and will be able to implement several new projects."

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