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As a surprise gift

How often do on the eve of birthday of relatives and friendsYou are thinking: what would this give? After all, I want to present to please and surprise, not hiding his eyes, presenting another set of tools for a shower or a souvenir.

In fact, there are so many original and Jolly gifts that are waiting for you to bring them to his attention.



Remember the wonderful expression: the best gift - a gift made with your own hands? Moreover, the interest in hand-made each year is gaining momentum. Go a couple of workshops where you will learn to make great cards, soft felted toy or scrapbook album that is sure to cause admiration and rewarded with the best photos of your friends.


In addition, you can surprise presentThat the birthday boy did not expect youget. For example, from goth rocker or will receive as a gift an awesome movie tickets for a romantic melodrama, and from the romantic person - a certificate for a joint parachute jump. It also can be a gift related to a hobby of the birthday, because everyone is nice when his passion for showing interest. For example, fencer will be pleased to get exactly the sword, and will be pleased numismatist another unique coin, brought from some distant country.


Hit can also be such a thingbirthday boy has ever seen. For example, instead of banal album you can enjoy a beautiful photo book with the best photos from your walks together, and holidays, add interesting suggestions from all friends. You can be sure this book will turn over all the time. If you throw off to gift to friends, buy a modern thing in high-tech style: an e-book or iPad birthday will fall on the soul.


And you can vary the process of donation. Instead of the usual words or read a poem on the card act out a scene associated with your present, Sing a song or hand in the form of fairy-tale hero. Then you have your present exactly surprise and gladden.

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