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HOW summon the muse

How to summon the muse

Someone believes in muse. Someone thinks that the main components are the hard work and good planning.

However, both of them sometimes just need a pinch of inspiration.

Innovative ideas do not go to the head, not written poetry, and even a celebratory toast not compose.

The situation is complicated, but reparable.



Do not fuss. Nerves and thinking about how you are mediocre, yet no one helped. Throwing from corner to corner in an attempt to grind out a dignified thought only lead to fatigue and waste of power. Tranquility - a key to solving the problem.


Be at ease. If you are uncomfortable, whether you are sitting at the workplace or at home at a desk, your idea will go from bad to worse. Hardly muse finds itself where even her ward do not like.


Be informed. For it is impossible to take the case, if you do not know what it represents. Do not turn to describe the baobab, without looking at least for a picture with him. And certainly do not think that, not having studied already proposed ideas will be able to come up with the latest.


Be curious. Asking questions - not a crime, of course, if you ask them in a reasonable range. The answer may encourage or even lead you to an unusual solution.


Listen to music. Pleasant sounds calm, pleasant sounds sent. Thoughts, slowly, line up, which helps to approach the capricious muse.


Try to limit itself in time. Do not always set deadlines the same thing and kill creativity. The time frame to help focus on the goal.

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