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HOW glue on liquid nails

How to glue on liquid nails

Liquid nails - it is the glue that is used in construction. It was designed on the basis of polymers and rubber.

Glue "liquid nails" on sale often comes in cartridges of 310 ml capacity.

A single drop of this glue to hold a weight up to 40 kilograms.



If ordinary nails spoil the surface and rust, then these liquidThey do not have the disadvantages. They are used to glue the ceiling and wall panels, wood, plasterboard, fibreboard and chipboard, metal products, etc. They can be used for adhesion to various substrates, even rough and porous. But "liquid nails"There are different technical properties. Some are only for plastics, while others are used only in dry areas.


To compound with liquid nail wasreliable and durable, follow the simple requirements: read the instructions carefully when choosing an adhesive note any surface, you will stick together, at what temperature.


Be prepared surface. Make sure that it is clean, dry and free of grease. If you stick lightweight materials, the adhesive dot apply if severe, for example a tile, then the snake apply glue.


Once you have inflicted on the adhesiveGlue fragment push it towards the base, turn slightly, it is necessary to glue well distributed over the entire surface, and hold, that he grabbed when needed. Glue dries from 12 to 24 hours. The time depends on the temperature, thickness of the applied adhesive layer.

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