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How to glue on liquid nails


How to glue on liquid nails</a>

Liquid nails are glue used in construction. It is developed on the basis of polymers and rubber.

Glue "liquid nails" is on sale more often in cartridges, their capacity is 310 ml.

One drop of such glue is sufficient to hold a load weighing up to 40 kilograms.



If the usual Nails Spoil the surface and rust, then liquid theseThere are no shortcomings. They are used to glue ceiling and wall panels, wood, gypsum board, fibreboard and chipboard, metal products, etc. They can be used for gluing to various surfaces, even rough and porous. But "liquid Nails"There are various technical properties. Some are designed only for plastics, others are only used in dry rooms.


To make a connection using liquid nails,Reliable and durable, observe the simplest requirements: carefully read the instructions when choosing an adhesive, consider which surfaces, you will glue at what temperature.


Prepare the surface in advance. Make sure that it is dry, clean and free from grease. If you glue light materials, then apply glue pointwise, if heavy, for example a tile, then in this case, apply glue with a snake.


After you have already applied glue onPaste the piece, press it to the base, gently turn it around so that the glue spreads well over the entire surface, and hold it up if necessary, so that it clings. The adhesive dries from 12 to 24 hours. The time depends on the air temperature, the thickness of the applied adhesive layer.

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