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How to straighten the yarn

How to straighten the yarn

If you are dismissed knitted product and want touse this yarn in the future, it is necessary to straighten the thread, otherwise the newly associated product will look sloppy, uneven loops will, after washing is such a thing easy to stretch.



Dissolving the product, wind the thread is not in a tangle, andin hanks (skeins) - for this, use a plate, two legs upturned stools or any hard flat object. As a result, you should get a skein of yarn in the form of a donut, which is in two or three places you need to grab the yarn to the yarn can not be confused, and a coil is not broken up. Then wash the coils (can be used with softener, air conditioning) and hang to dry, tied below the load. As the load you can use whatever is at hand - a pair of scissors, heavy beads and so on. Once the yarn is dry, rewind from her usual tangles.


If a thread in the skein is still wavy,pinned skein on the ironing board and otparte through cheesecloth or a thin cloth iron. However, with this method, thread can flatten and buy unnecessary shine.


One of the fastest and most effective waysyarn straightening - Pass the thread over the steam. To do this, use the kettle: thread the through hole for the lid and drag it through the spout. Boil water in a pot, leave to simmer on a low heat and begin to wind yarn into a ball. Do not make the balls too tight - so steamed thread may stretch, wool yarn loses its elasticity, the product of these threads will not be fluffy and soft.


Another way to straighten the yarn - leave ballsthread on a steam bath. Place the yarn in balls in a colander and put the colander over a pan of boiling water. Leave the thread get steamed thoroughly over low heat for 20-30 minutes, then dry well tangles (depending on the size of the coil is required for drying different times, but not less than one day).


Also for straightening the yarn can be usedconventional plastic bottle. Wind the yarn on the bottle, soak a few minutes in the water, allow to dry. Thereafter, the yarn directly from the bottle into a ball rewind.

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