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How to straighten yarn


How to straighten yarn</a>

If you disband the knitted article and want toUse this yarn in the future, the thread must be straightened, since otherwise the newly associated product will look careless, the loops will be uneven, after washing such a thing will easily stretch.



Dissolving the product, unwind the thread not in a ball, butIn the morning (skeins) - for this use a board, two legs of an inverted stool or any flat hard object. As a result, you should get a skein of thread in the form of a bagel, which in two or three places you need to grab the thread so that the yarn does not get tangled, and the skein does not disintegrate. After that, wash the skeins (you can use a softener-conditioner) and hang it, tethering the load from below. As a cargo, you can use everything that will be at hand - scissors, heavy beads and stuff. After the yarn dries, roll off the usual tangles.


If the thread in the pram still remains wavy,Kneel the skein of yarn on the ironing board and steal through a cheesecloth or a thin cloth with an iron. However, with this method, the thread can flatten and acquire unnecessary shine.


One of the fastest and most effective waysStraighten the yarn - pass the thread over the steam. To do this, use the kettle: thread the thread through the hole for the lid and drag it through the tip of the kettle. Boil water in the kettle, leave to simmer on a small fire and begin to coil the thread. Do not make the balls too tight - so the steamed yarn can stretch, the wool yarn loses elasticity, the products from such threads will not be fluffy and soft.


- Another way to straighten yarn - leave tanglesThread on the steam bath. Put the yarn in the tangles in a colander, and put a colander on a pot of boiling water. Leave the threads steamed on low heat for 20-30 minutes, then dry the tangles well (depending on the size of the balls for drying, a different time is required, but not less than a day).


Also, to straighten the thread, you can useUsual plastic bottles. Wind the yarn on the bottle, hold it for a few minutes in water, dry it. After that, straighten yarn from the bottle to the tangle.

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