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How to stick a protective film

The protective film for the display? something very useful and necessary. It protects the surface from bumps, dirt, faced daily by our mobile phone.

When buying a new phone is rarely included in the protective film, most often it is necessary to buy separately.

You will need

  • mobile phone protective film



Buy a protective film for the display, they are soldin any store of cell phones. It is worth it is not too expensive, its price varies from 60 to 300 rubles much difference between them is not, so feel free to buy one that is cheaper? without fear of the consequences.


Together with the film included is a cloth-antistatic. Before you stick the film? carefully wipe the display. It will clear the screen from dirt, which will secure a much stronger film.


On one side of the film is glued razlinovka. Cut the extra edge so that the size of the resulting film fit your phone's display.


Begin to fix film. Move from top to bottom of the speaker to the phone's microphone. Once you have pasted the film, carefully flatten it on the surface of the screen.

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