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HOW edge glued furniture

How to glue furniture edges

A narrow strip that protects the edges of furniture panels called edge. The most common melamine-based paper tape.

Its thickness is not more than 0.4 mm.

The inner side of her is treated with special glue, which allows you to independently use the machine without a special edge.

You will need

  • - Furniture kromka-
  • - doska-
  • - tryapochka-
  • - Knife oboynyy-
  • - Fine-grained sandpaper bumaga-
  • - kistochka-
  • - voylok-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - utyug-
  • - Vise.



Take the plank on which to glue the edge of the furniture. The surface of the butt a little grind and whisk brush dust. Secure the item in a vise, paving felt.


Cut with scissors the required number of edgestaking into account the 0.5 cm allowance for Wallpapers end. Attach edge on end, and align it. Apply with a projection of 3 mm per side. Try to keep the excess out evenly on both sides of the workpiece.


Put on top of the fabric and slowly heated irondraw on it. The temperature should not be too high. Temperature pick up empirically, not to perepalit edge. Sign that it will be well warmed her sagging under the iron, because it melts the adhesive layer.


If you are sizing two ends at once, & nbsp-hold at the end of a little iron to itself kromke.Ona peregnetsya to the next party. Turning workpiece, continue to glue on. & Nbsp-
& nbsp-


Short details of up to 40 cm glue the right to its full length. Long stretches & nbsp-- by 40cm.


Watch out for the sole of the iron so that it is completely on the details. Second hand press down through the fabric edge.


Leave to cool for 15 minutes. Turn down the edge of the piece, and then cut the excess end wallpapering knife. The knife should be sharp and free of nicks. knife edge previously well polish the fine emery cloth.


Turn the item in its original position. The flip side of the blade, bent at an angle of 45 degrees, slide along the edge, Zamin it aside laminate. Next, tightly clutching the knife to the surface of the part, cut the edge.


Take a fine sandpaper and gentlyGrind & nbsp- side of the edge to smooth out the bumps. Do this very carefully so as not to damage the edge. In addition, at the end of work to do grout skin.


After the end of this will be pleasant to the touch and has never broken off. Furniture edge glued. Now it will be long and not come off accidentally careless touch.

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