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How to paste glass wallpapers


How to paste glass wallpapers</a>

Steklooboi appeared on the shelves of shops not soLong ago, but already managed to gain popularity. In addition to the fact that these wallpapers are heat-resistant, they are also hygienic, which is excellent for both office and home.

Working with glass mills requires certain rules.

You will need

  • - putty-
  • - primer-
  • - glue for fiberglass wallpaper-
  • - rollers-
  • Knife.



Prepare the wall before beginning the pasting. Wet the old wallpaper with water and remove them from the wall, leaving the slightest bit. Clean the protruding hillocks with a spatula. If there are cavities in the wall, then they must be puttied. Use a roller to coat the wall with a primer in several layers. It will help to glue small particles of the surface. If necessary, repeat this procedure after a few hours. The prepared wall must be clean, smooth and dry.


Wear heavy clothing and gloves. Do not leave unprotected open areas of the body. When working with fiberglass, the smallest particles of fiberglass are separated, which, if ingested on the skin, can cause irritation. Use a respirator.


Cut the wallpaper into pieces of the desired length, leaving inReserve 5-10 cm. If you cut the edge of the sheet when cutting, cut it with a flat stripe. Fold pieces of wallpaper face up. Determining the inner and outer sides is very important, because they are similar. The front side is more rough.


Using a roller, apply a smooth layer on the wallAdhesive. Cover only the portion of the wall on which you will glue the wallpaper. Take the sheet and attach it to the wall. Use a rubber roller to smooth the wallpaper. The next piece is glued in the same way, close to the first. So glue the whole room.


With a sharp knife, cut off excess sections of wallpaper. Prepare the walls for painting. Roller, apply glue on the wallpaper, diluted with water. It is necessary for the paint to fall better. After the glue has dried, proceed to applying the paint. To any wallpaper suitable for any paint for walls.

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