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HOW stick fiberglass

As fiberglass stick

Glass fiber appeared on store shelves is not solong ago, but it has already gained popularity. Besides the fact that such a heat-resistant wallpaper, and they are hygienic, perfect for the office or for the home.

Working with steklooboyami requires adherence to certain rules.

You will need

  • - shpaklevka-
  • - gruntovka-
  • - Glue for steklooboev-
  • - valiki-
  • - Knife.



Prepare the wall before pasting. Wet old wallpaper water and remove them from the wall, leaving not the slightest bite. Clean off the protruding mounds with a spatula. If the wall has a recess, they must be filled. Roller apply the primer to the wall in several layers. It will help to glue the smaller the particle surface. If necessary, repeat this procedure a few hours. Prepared wall must be clean and dry.


Wear tight clothing and gloves. Do not place unprotected open areas of the body. When working with steklooboyami separate tiny particles of fiberglass that getting on the skin can cause irritation. Use a respirator.


Cut the wallpaper into pieces of desired length, leavingstock 5-10 cm. If you have damaged cutting edge of the sheet, then cut it flat strip. Fold the pieces of wallpaper face up. Definition of inside and outside is very important, since they are similar. The front side is more rough.


With a roller apply an even layer on the wallglue. Case only one section of the wall on which to hang wallpaper. Take a sheet and attach it to the wall. With a rubber roller flatten the wallpaper. The next piece of stick in the same way, right next to the first. So obkleyte the room.


With a sharp knife cut, extra sections of wallpaper. Prepare the wall for painting. Roller apply a wallpaper glue, diluted with water. It is necessary to lay down the paint better. After the glue has dried, proceed with the application of paint. These wallpapers fit any wall paint.

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