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HOW stick ceiling moldings

How to stick ceiling moldings

Such an element of decor as the ceiling plinth should be properly selected, and it must be secured in accordance with the specific conditions of the room.

The design of modern buildings is difficult to imaginewithout ceiling moldings. Another name - fillet, plastic moldings or curb. Made a decor element can be foam, polyurethane, polystyrene.

His installation refers to the final stages of finishing and is used to give the interior the accuracy, completeness.

How to choose the right ceiling borders

Ceiling moldings are made from different materials, different sizes and design.

Acquire skirting better margin. The width of the plinth selected depending on the height of the room. What is more, the strips of material should be chosen wider.

Buying fillet with intricate relief means and care to care for him - the frilly pattern, the more it will have to be painted or cleaned from dust.

Methods ceiling mounting curbs

1. After pasting wallpaper baseboard of the room can be secured with a white acrylic sealant or adhesive.

2. After aligning the walls, ceiling and stucco coats can be stuck on the putty or sealant. Then begins paperhanging.

The second method is slightly more laborious, butbetter use for them. Firstly, skirting by changing the wallpaper do not need to reinstall. Secondly, with uneven surfaces between the wall and stucco can appear unsightly gap that is much easier to close up before pasted wallpaper, because that is not terrible stain the wall.

Skirting boards made of any material is secured equally. If the installation is to papering the walls of wallpaper, the result will be much better. Mount the plinth can thus look to the ceiling that he will be as one.

Pruning fillet corners can be called the most difficult stage of work - is necessary to achieve this result, the angles perfectly docked together. To do this, use the miter box.

Previously, such an operation does not performI had at hand it is necessary to have spare straps - just in case, if the material is inadvertently spoiled. For cutting skirting angles you can use the template - suitable for small pieces of planks, designed for finishing.

gluing borders

Bonding skirting boards should start with the corners,then fixed flat areas. Before you start fixing it is necessary to moisten the wall and the back of strontium plinth water. This will help make installation easier - plaster will dry more slowly.

Gently pressed against the wall of the bar floor. It should try to do as tight as possible. From under the plinth will come a little filler - remove it with a spatula. The surface after bonding skirting clear the traces of putty with a damp cloth.

Once the putty to dry completely, evenspend time sealing of small slots, which can be obtained between the surface of walls, ceiling and skirting. You can use the putty or sealant - it is even more convenient.

With acrylic sealant to paste over the roomskirting a little easier than with the putty, but it will require additional investment. After alignment of the walls and the ceiling is usually a bit of putty and sealant need to buy more.

For rooms up to 20 sqm need 2 packages and sealant gun. Installation must be done in the same way as with putty. The slots are sealed by using a sealant.

Mounting plinth for suspended ceilings

The technology is almost no different from the above. We only need something to consider - such as skirting choose lightweight, well adjacent to the wall.

When the stretch ceiling is glued to the plinthhaving finished the work on the walls and glued wallpaper. Skirting do not have to be fastened to the canvas stretch ceiling - only a wall. Before installing the ceiling plinths, it is desirable to protect the polyethylene.

The next stages of the work is entirely the same as those described above, except that instead of filler or sealant is best to use special glue.

For a stretch ceiling is best to choose the borders of PVC. He is lightweight, and inexpensive cost, and in addition, provide the ceilings, walls and good protection against dirt and dust.

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