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HOW sterilized lids for cans

How to sterilize the lids for cans

usually does not occur during drying or freeze food for the winter problems with packaging, but for preserving and jars, and lids must not only be washed but also properly handled.

For banks with blanks could stand for a long time without spoiling, they should be well sterilized.

Why spend sterilized jars and lids

Even those caps and banks, which seemclean, abundant living organisms, capable of damaging not only to the procurement, but also health. Scary not the micro-organisms and their waste products - they are quite toxic and can trigger severe poisoning. To avoid risks, all jars and lids should be sterilized.
For canning lids must be selectedwithout defects, traces of rust. If their surface is painted, the paint must not be damaged. This gives rise to corrosion in storage, which responds to a negative products. And the cover, and the banks should be thoroughly washed - a good result can be achieved with a simple baking soda. Then everything just washed well under running water.
The so-called "hot sterilization" is sometimesputs novice mistresses to a standstill. If banks are sterilized in different ways - and for a few, and in boiling water, and in a microwave oven and a conventional oven, the lids do not come out. Metal lids should not be placed in the microwave, oven they burn, and melted plastic treacherous.

Methods for sterilizing caps

It covers sterilization can be carried out in several ways.

Pros of these methods are obvious: excellent quality of sterilization and no extra cost.

The oldest and most common waysterilization, which has been successfully used by our grandmothers - sterilization by boiling. This will require to take the pot and boil it in the required amount of water, then dipped in boiling water just covers. They should be boiled just before closing the jars with blanks. The boiling water is necessary to keep them from two to fifteen minutes.
Next, it is necessary to act according to the material,of which the cover. Nylon can hold in boiling water for just a little bit, otherwise they may become deformed and the bank is no longer nalezut. Hot caps should get out of boiling water with tongs. Before closing it is necessary allow to dry.
There is another way, but it is not suitableall caps. They can be sterilized in a hot oven - but only the metal and, without rubber inserts. Time for sterilization - about 10 minutes.

Advantages of the processes is that they are very fast, is not labor-intensive, and the oven and the pan is at all, unlike the steamers, for instance - there sometimes also sterilize and cans and lids.

Sometimes the cover does not heated in any way -Some housewives prefer a little to hold them in furatsilina solution of potassium permanganate or alcohol. This method is suitable for the tin, and glass, and plastic closures.

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