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How to Starch Openwork Napkins


Napkins should be starched</a>

Starched napkins look neat, do not crumple. A curly or openwork napkins to starch is simply necessary to keep the parts in shape.

Nowadays, many people would be happy to starch napkins, but not everyone knows how to do it.

You will need

  • -starch 1,5 st. Spoons
  • -water 4.5 cups



It is necessary to dilute in half a glass of cold water 1.5 st. Tablespoons of starch.


Heat two glasses of water, pour in this waterDiluted starch and stirring to cook. When the solution becomes a consistency like a kissel, remove from heat. Komkov ideally should not be. But if the lumps are still there, just need to strain the solution.


Add two glasses of water, mix. In a warm solution, soak the napkin for 15 minutes.


Napkin get out of the solution and gently squeeze out. In no case do not wring the napkin when pushing.


Spread the napkin and put on a flat surface, you can at the bottom of the pelvis. When the napkin dries a little, there is no danger that it will stretch, it can be hung until it dries out completely.

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