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HOW starched napkin openwork

Napkins should be starched

Starched napkins look carefully, do not crumple. A curly or openwork napkins nakrahmalivat just need to keep the details of the form.

Nowadays, many would be happy to starched napkins, but not everyone knows how to do it.

You will need

  • starch Article 1.5. spoons
  • 4.5 cups -water



It should be diluted in half a glass of cold water 1.5 Art. spoon of starch.


Heat two cups of water, pour in the waterdiluted starch and stir to boil. When the solution becomes a jelly consistency, remove from heat. Lumps should ideally be. But if the lumps still there, just need to filter the solution.


Add two cups of water, stir. The warm solution soak the cloth for 15 minutes.


Napkin to get out of the solution and gently squeeze. In no case do not twist the napkin with push-ups.


Spread your napkin and place it on a flat surface, it can be at the bottom of the pelvis. When the cloth dries out a bit, there is no danger that it will be extended, it can be hung up before the final drying.

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