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How to obtain a certificate of land ownership

HOW stapled documents thread

Thread guard documents.

Documentation is very important to sew properly.

This kind of protection, as a substitute for hand-stitched, numbered and endorsed by printing sheets practically impossible.

Also it helps strength crosslinking during storage or moving documents, in which case the paper is not lost.

You will need

  • Documentation
  • print
  • Threads
  • Needle
  • Stationery adhesive



Before flashing the documents are necessary to remove all metallic inclusions (paper clips, safety pins). This should be done very carefully.


After removing staples documents need to be expanded in order and numbered from the first sheet to the last.


If the book has a sewn sheets, which have little binding margin on the left it is recommended to glue a strip of paper.


Then, on the left, about half of the field without a text, make a hole with a needle in the amount of three to five pieces. Perforation shall be located symmetrically at a distance of 3 cm and vertically.


The entire stack of documents you need to sew a long needlewith harsh thread. They are sewn twice, for strength, and the rest of the thread is displayed on the rear side of the central aperture and trimmed, but about 6 cm of the end should remain. After this thread linked node so that they can be glued to a piece of paper with a stamp.


Next you need to seal the deal sticker paper size 4 x 6 cm with an inscription (description of documents).

Tag on it so that it covers the length of the assembly and a portion of threads which have to be free.


Documents certified by the head of the organization or authorized person. The signature must be distinct and distinguishable. Printing, located on the label, as well as assembly and threads are filled with glue.

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