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How to put a stamp

With years of school we all know that the document,where there is no printing, has no legal force. But we do not know the basic rules of paperwork, and therefore put the seal, where your heart desires.

Because of this there are unpleasant situations when, for example, at work, in error, the personnel manager puts the wrong print and not on those papers.



What is the seal?
This is a necessary legal formality, withby which certify the signature of the official. But not in all cases, the props needed. not fixed in the current legislation, when to, and in which optionally put a particular stamp. From the current practice of printing today assured: accounting paper (invoices, estimates, inventories, orders), personnel documents, the constituent documents of the company.


We assure the documents according to the rules
Mistakenly set by printing on personnel ordersor letter should not be cause for panic. Another thing, if you forget to put down in print the document, where it is really needed, for example, in the employment contract. In this case, the result can be disastrous, because if you want to use the document as evidence in litigation, it will not have any legal value.
To avoid unpleasant situations can be prescribed in the charter of the organization and the procedure for using the print to indicate a list of documents on which the seal must necessarily bear.


Printing Impression? where to put it?
Seal impression must be placed at the end ofthe document next to the signature of the official. Printing should capture part of a word indicating the position and it does not create problems in the identification of signatures and decrypt it.
There are a number of documents on which there is a specialmark? MP.? (Printing position). If it is present? your happiness, feel free to put stamp on it. This mark can be found on accounting papers, forms of certificates on the title page of the work book.

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