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How to draw a portrait from a photo


Drawing a portrait</a>

If you have the ability to draw, but do not have a special education - you can quite easily draw a portrait from a photograph.

Do not limit your imagination: take gouache or aquarel-ink with markers or colored chalk-white sheet or textured colored cardboard.

Let the main goal is not an external similarity, but a unconventional creative approach!

You will need

  • - A sheet of paper / cardboard,
  • - watercolor,
  • - gouache,
  • - simple and color pencils,
  • - Crayons,
  • - Mascara,
  • - markers,
  • - tracing paper,
  • - ruler,
  • - clips,
  • - glass,
  • - table lamp,
  • - scissors.



Determine if the photo settings are sufficientFor comfortable work. Perhaps it is worth to increase its size and clarity. To do this, scan the original sample or take a photo and print it on a larger scale. Brightness / Contrast can be edited in any graphic editor on the computer.


Decide on the scale of the original photo you want to draw a portrait of. It is better to take a simple scale: 1: 1, 1: 2, 2: 1, 1: 1.5.


Divide the photo into cells, or overlay the traced paper and fix it with paper clips.


Prepare a sheet of paper / cardboard. Lusha take the format a little more, so that at the end of the work it can be cut off, since without special skills it is difficult to immediately arrange the image compositionally competently.


Draw the worksheet on the cells. Or, put the sheet with the lined substrate on the glass with the light directed from below. In this case, the size of the cells of the leaf should be correlated with the size of the photographic cells in the same scale in which you want to obtain the image.


Learn how the picture is drawn aboutSides of the source cells. Light strokes carry the main contours of the portrait on the sheet, focusing on its cells. Continue to refine and adjust the contours and details until you achieve the desired similarity with the original.


If an artistic design requires this,Give the portrait volume. To do this, apply tonal spots of varying intensity. First, put the deepest, falling shadows. Then gradually simulate the volume: apply spots of different saturation, constantly comparing them with each other and estimating the image as a whole.


Cut the sheet so that the portrait is locatedCompositionally successfully. At the same time, its total mass should be slightly above the middle. If the character shown on the sheet is rotated relative to its axis, leave a little more space in front of his eyes.

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