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HOW srisovat portrait from photo


If you have the ability to draw, but do not have special education - you are quite able to srisovat portrait from a photograph.

Do not limit your imagination, Take akvarel- gouache or ink with markers or colored melki- white sheet, or textured colored cardboard.

Let the main purpose is not external similarity and unbanal creative!

You will need

  • - A sheet of paper / cardboard,
  • - Watercolor,
  • - Gouache,
  • - Simple and colored pencils,
  • - Crayons,
  • - Ink,
  • - Pens,
  • - Tracing,
  • - Line,
  • - Clips
  • - Glass,
  • - table lamp,
  • - Scissors.



Determine whether the photos are sufficient optionsfor comfortable work. You may want to increase its size and clarity. For this initial sample, scan or take a picture and print on a larger scale. Brightness / Contrast can be edited in a graphics program on your computer.


Decide on what scale relative to the original photo you want to paint a portrait. Better to take a simple scale: 1: 1, 1: 2, 2: 1, 1: 1.5.


Raschertite picture cells, or impose on her lined with tracing paper and secure with staples.


Prepare a sheet of paper / cardboard. Lushe take the format a little bit more, so that the end of the clip it, t. To. Without special skills difficult to position the image composition immediately competently.


Raschertite worksheet cells. Or put a sheet lined with glass substrate with light directed from below. The size of the cell sheet shall relate to the size of the photo cells on the same scale, where you want to get a picture.


Learn how traced the image with respect toside source code cells. Easy Barcode transfer the basic outlines of the portrait on the list, focusing on his cell. Continue to refine and adjust the contours and details, as long until you get the desired similarity with the original.


If required by the artistic idea,Give the portrait of the volume. To do this, apply a tonal spots of varying intensity. First, apply the deepest, drop shadows. Then gradually the model volume: Apply a spot of varying intensity, constantly comparing them with each other and appreciating the overall image.


Cut the sheet so that the portrait was locatedcompositionally successful. Moreover, its total mass should be slightly above the middle. If the image on the sheet figure is rotated about its axis, in front of his eyes, leave a little more space.

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