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HOW squared

How to square

Raising a number to the square called constructionof the second degree. In general, the construction of the power? one of algebraic operations that cause difficulty in understanding and implementation of the calculation.

Nevertheless, the need of squaring occurs in many mathematical and practical problems.



Thus, in order to raise the number of square, It is necessary to multiply it by itself. At the same mathematical notation of action is as follows:
a2 = a * a.
To build in square small enough numbers multiplication tables. To build in square double-digit numbers and more, require a calculator or computer.


Main application areas for erection squareAs the name implies, are associated with squaregovernmental entities? area to find squarea, squaretion facilities, pool or uchastka- calculation of the number of cells in squaretion table or matritse- determine the number of elements of any squareGOVERNMENTAL objects? seats in the hall, sprouts on a bed, etc..

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