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How to square


How to square</a>

The construction of a number in a square is called erectionNumber to the second power. Generally, the erection of a number in power? One of the algebraic operations that cause difficulty in understanding and in the implementation of the calculation.

Nevertheless, the need for squaring is encountered in many mathematical and practical problems.



So, to build a number in square, We must multiply it by ourselves. In this case, the mathematical record of an action looks like this:
A2 = a * a.
For erection in square Small numbers are enough multiplication tables. For erection in square Double digits and more, you need a calculator or a computer.


The main applied areas where construction in square, As is clear from the title, are associated with squareObjects? Square finding squarea, squareA pool, or a section, the calculation of the number of cells in the squareTable or matrix - the definition of the number of elements of any squareFacilities? Seats in the hall, sprouts on the bed, etc.

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