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HOW sprout for planting potatoes

How to sprout for planting potatoes

To be sure to get a large potato crop, grow it in advance. Plus, this training is also in receipt of early production.

And if you are treated seed tubers ash and growth stimulants, for harvest will not be enough bags.

You will need

  • - zola-
  • - manganese
  • - Growth stimulator.



One month before planting potatoes in the garden removetubers from storage (cellars, underground cellar). Go through, leaving only the good, as during storage of potatoes could be wrinkled and even rotten. Tear all appeared sprouts for planting will have new and strong.


To properly germinate before potatoesplanting, you must first treat the tubers from pathogens of various diseases that may be present on the skin. To do this, dissolve in a bucket of potassium permanganate. The solution should be a bright pink. Place the seed potatoes into the net and drop in a bucket, treat the tubers for about 10 minutes Lay on the floor dismantled cardboard boxes and pour them processed potatoes, not wiping. Thus disinfect all the seed tubers.


If you want to quickly sprout potatoes beforeplanting, use of growth stimulants. The sale of a lot, so choose not difficult. Dissolve the drug, according to the instructions, and treat the tubers. If you do not have time to germinate tubers and will plant them without any germs that generally undesirable, process the potatoes just before you put in the hole.


Now you can begin to germinate potatoes. If you do a little planting material, just lay it on the same cardboard boxes and so leave. If you plan to plant several acres, will be more convenient couch potatoes in plastic crates of vegetables. Just fill them halfway, or sprouts are long because of the lack of light.


Finally, before planting potatoes germinatedTreat the ash. Make it easy. Just sprinkle with sifted ashes tubers straight into the little boxes and they shake. And if you put an additional landing a handful of ash straight into the hole, a pest as wireworms, forget the way to your potatoes.

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