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HOW sprout cuttings of grapes

How to sprout cuttings of grapes

Sprout stalks of grapes is not too difficult.

No need to be afraid, because the cultivation of this exotic southern plants - a simple lesson.

Of course, as in any other business, there are some nuances that you will learn soon.



It is best to start at the end of germinationFebruary or March. There are ways that are most suitable for the cultivation of a small number of seedlings in housing conditions. To begin, remove the germs from the place of their storage (fridge, cellar, etc.), select the cuttings with severe kidney. Sprouts that have two, three or four buds, you can immediately rooting. Before soaking refresh the lower section of the cutting: at a distance of about 2 cm below the eye a little trim. The top do not touch.


Soak the sprouts in the supernatant for 3-4 hours with tap water, add a little bit of a weak solution of potassium permanganate and as such leave for a couple of days.


Next, pour a little water in half-liter jar. At the bottom put a layer of cotton wool, throw a few crystals of potassium permanganate, then dip a piece of charcoal - is necessary in order to prevent rapid deterioration of water and turbidity.


Summing up: cuttings in the bank, the bank on the window sill, under the sill battery. It now remains to monitor the water level in the pot, adding fresh about every 3-7 days. If it turns out that the liquid has evaporated, then a layer of cotton wool will keep the necessary amount of moisture. It is desirable that the water temperature did not fall below 25-28 degrees.

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