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How to grow grape cuttings


How to grow grape cuttings</a>

Growing a stem of grapes is not so difficult.

Do not be afraid of this, because the cultivation of this exotic southern plant is not an easy task.

Of course, as in any other case, there are some subtleties that you will soon learn.



It is best to start germination at the endFebruary or in March. There are ways that are most suitable for growing a small number of seedlings in an apartment setting. First, take the sprouts from their storage (refrigerator, cellar, etc.), select cuttings with pronounced buds. Sprouts, which have two, three or four kidneys, you can immediately take root. Before soaking, refresh the lower cut of the cuttings: at a distance of about 2 cm below the eye, lightly cut. Do not touch the upper one.


Soak the sprouts in tap water for 3-4 hours, add a little weak solution of potassium permanganate and leave in this condition for a couple of days.


Next, pour a little water in a half-liter jar. At the bottom, put a layer of cotton wool, drop a pair of crystals of potassium permanganate, then dip a piece of charcoal - this is necessary in order to prevent rapid clouding and spoilage of water.


Summing up: Cuttings in the bank, a bank on the windowsill, under the sill the battery. Now it remains to monitor the level of water in the can, adding a fresh one about every 3-7 days. If it turns out that the liquid has evaporated, then the layer of cotton wool will retain the necessary amount of moisture. It is desirable that the water temperature does not fall below 25-28 degrees.

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