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How to spin a ball


Twisting the ball allows you to score a goal even with a corner without any help</a>

Perhaps every guy knows how to play football.

This is the most popular sport.

But just to drive the ball without using different techniques is completely uninteresting.

Learn a few techniques of twisting the sword and you will make your game more effective and spectacular.



Cut (twisted) blow to the outside of the foot. To this reception are prepared in the same way as to the usual impact by the external part of the foot. To give the ball a spin in any direction, strike a blow away from the middle. To the ball began to rotate in the outside, hit it on the part that is closer to the supporting foot. First, touch the ball with that part of the lift that is closer to the fingers, and then make a kicking leg to the foot of the supporting leg and tear off the ball from the ball when it is at the middle of the climb.


Twisted kick inside the foot. When you strike with your right foot, run away from the left side of the ball. Support the foot behind the ball and slightly laterally. Strike with the inside of the lift on the far side of the supporting leg of the ball. The leg should, as it were, slip through the ball, thereby giving it a spin around its axis. The ball after such a blow will fly forward, rotating in the left side.


To train shreds, useThe same exercises that during the training of conventional strikes by different sides of the ascent. The filing of angular blows in this plan is an excellent exercise. I want to note that many famous and not so famous football players wanted the ball to fly straight into the goal without any help from outside.


To blows from the outside of the foot playersResorted quite often. This is much easier than hitting the inside of the foot. Although a real football player needs to be able to use both, and the other method. It should also be remembered that the height of the ball depends on what position the ankle has during its contact with the ball.


To tighten the ball correctly, take onArming is a simple and effective exercise. Set the field to a half-meter rack. Achieve that the ball during the flight of it as if wrapped. You can hit either side of the climb. And do not be embarrassed, do not worry if the task at first does not work for you. This is normal. You just need to train harder and more often, then the result will not be expected.

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