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Tightening the ball allowing a goal, even in the corner without any assistance

Playing football can probably every guy.

This is the most popular sport.

But just to drive the ball without using different methods quite interesting.

Teach a few tricks of twisting the sword and you will make your game more effective and spectacular.



The cut (twisted) hit the outside of the foot. To prepare this technique as well as a normal shock outer part of the foot. To make the rotation of the ball in any direction stabbed in the side of the middle. To the ball began to rotate outwards, hit him on the part that is closer to the supporting leg. First touch of the ball part of the lift, which is closer to the fingers, and then do the kicking leg movement towards the support legs and lift your leg off the ball, when he will be in the middle of the recovery.


Twisted hit the inside of the foot. When you strike the right foot, run up the left side of the ball. The support leg and put the ball slightly to the side. Coat the inside of the punch by lifting farthest from the support legs of the ball. The foot should ride as if in passing the ball, thus giving it a rotation around its axis. The ball will fly after such an attack forward, rotating to the left.


For training, use those cut strokessame exercise, that the training of conventional attacks by different parties raising. Submission of corner kicks in the plan is a great exercise. I would like to note that many famous and not so famous players achieved that the ball blew right through the gate without assistance.


It strikes the outside of the foot footballresorted quite often. This is much easier than to hit the inside of the foot. Although this footballer should be able to use it and that, and another reception. It should also be remembered that from which position is the ankle during his contact with the ball depends on the height of the ball's flight.


To tighten the ball properly, pleaseadopt a simple and effective exercise. Set on the half-meter rack. Earn ball during its flight as it obkrutil. You can beat any side lifting. And do not be embarrassed, do not worry if the job initially will not have to turn out. This is normal. You just have to train harder and more often, then the result will not force himself to wait.

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