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How to solve the puzzle

How to solve puzzles

content Riddle is a description of the objects, phenomena which should be decrypted.

Often the description presented in a poetic form and contains the task in the form of explicit or implicit question.

Mysteries of people started to come up in ancient times. Their preparation and solving require careful observation of the surrounding reality, the identification of the characteristic features.

What is a mystery

Pointing to events or objects, not mysteryHe calls them unique - view of the world clothed in figurative art form. Any mystery, especially folk, is a small work of art. Riddles poetic and intelligent, they often carry a moral idea.

At first glance it may seem that the process of solving a puzzles - no more than fun. But it is not so.

Guessing riddles is considered mostly funfor children, but this occupation will be interesting for adults. Solving easily turned into a fun and entertaining pastime, which will contribute to the development of logical thinking and spatial imagination. Therefore, it is not necessary at unraveling puzzles with your child immediately to prompt him to answer - and so it is clear that the adult knowledge more. If you want to teach a child or adult, it is better to be patient and to help find a solution through collections and associations.

How to learn to guess

To learn guessing riddles, you can try to observe the objects and phenomena from different sides, to learn to see the world in dependency relationships, colors and sounds.
Development of observation and memory, attention andcommon touch of culture is the basis for the work that is necessary to make at guessing riddles. There is much to experience. Children can guess riddles only in those cases where with objects, which are a response to their attention in advance.
Most of the puzzles, especially those thatdesigned for children, built on the separation characteristics of the object. To find the correct answer, it is necessary to understand what characteristics are listed in the question, to remember which of these items have properties of mentally compiled list to choose the most suitable object.

Puzzles begin to guess when to learn the principles of their creation. The best help in this case - does not suggest otgadku and indicate the direction in which to look for the answer.

You will need to arm the knowledge that willsum to otgadka. For example, the puzzle of natural phenomena built mainly on the results of long-term observations. Using the tools, various objects, we can note the basic properties of objects that are recognized in riddles.
By understanding the content and logic puzzles necessaryprepared, getting acquainted with the world - the actual knowledge and experience to help create the logical structure and facilitate the process of guessing.

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