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HOW solder radiator

As solder radiator

In cases where leakproofradiator, and it flowed, it can be repaired using an electric soldering iron, 200 Watt. But it is provided that the radiator is made of copper or brass.

Aluminium radiators usually do not repair yourself.

Restore radiator made of aluminum alloy, it is possible only in a specialized service station.

You will need

  • Soldering iron 200 W,
  • metal brush,
  • solder,
  • rubber plugs,
  • acid.



To detect the leak of antifreeze, radiatordismantled from the machine and immersed in a bath filled with water, closed with rubber stoppers pre all holes on the heat sink, then it is inflated with air, whose pressure must not exceed one atmosphere.

As solder radiator


Of the damaged areas, of which the air will come out: it is necessary to mark. This will facilitate further repairs radiator.


Radiator removed from the bath and place markedcarefully stripped brushed metal, after which they are treated with acid. Then, the heated soldering iron on treated place the required amount of solder is applied. Carefully solder any detected leakage space radiator tin - it is considered to be repaired. As a result, recovering the engine cooling system leaks.

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