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How to heal a radiator


How to heal a radiator</a>

In those cases where the leakage is brokenRadiator, and it flowed, it can be repaired with an electric soldering iron, a power of 200 watts. But this is provided that the radiator is made of copper or brass.

Aluminum radiators, as a rule, do not repair themselves.

To restore the radiator made of an aluminum alloy, it is possible only in the specialized car-care center.

You will need

  • Soldering iron for 200 watts,
  • Brush for metal,
  • solder,
  • Rubber plugs,
  • acid.



To locate leaks of antifreeze, the radiatorDismantled from the machine and immersed in a bath filled with water, pre-covered with rubber stoppers all the holes on the radiator, then it is pumped with air, the pressure of which should not exceed one atmosphere.

How to heal a radiator


From damaged places, from which air will leave: it is necessary to mark. This will facilitate further repairs Radiator.


The radiator is extracted from the bath, and the marked placesThoroughly brushed with a metal brush, after which they are treated with acid. Then, with a heated soldering iron, the required amount of solder is applied to the treated areas. Carefully disappearing all the places of leakage Radiator Tin - it is considered repaired. As a result, the air-tightness of the engine cooling system is restored.

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