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How to smooth the skin


Cream - this is perhaps the most affordable way to fight wrinkles</a>

For most women, any, even the smallest wrinkle? This is if not a tragedy, then certainly an occasion for frustration.

But, unfortunately, scientists have not yet invented the elixir of youth, capable of "canceling" the appearance of new wrinkles.

However, there are ways to get rid of those that already exist.



CreamCrem is perhaps the most affordable wayTo fight wrinkles. It is quite capable of improving the condition of the skin, rejuvenate it, increase tone and also elasticity. The main difficulty in this case is to choose the right cream. The choice of cream, as you know, depends not on the number of wrinkles, but on the type of skin, the location of wrinkles, your age. In addition, before buying a particular cream is better to consult a professional, rather than rely on someone else's opinion.


Myostimulation Myostimulation is calledImpact on the facial muscles or muscles of the body with electric current. With the help of current, muscles contract, thereby increasing blood circulation and oxygen saturation of tissues. Programs for which there is a myostimulation, there are several and only an expert can select an individual. After myostimulation, the second chin, the cheek of the cheeks decreases, the number of wrinkles decreases, the skin relief is also leveled, its elasticity is increased, and the volume of problem zones decreases. Often, the effect of electric current is combined with the effect of heat, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of the procedure.


Injections It is possible to get rid of wrinkles with the help of injections containing the substance botulinum toxin. This substance is introduced under Skin, Where it operates for severalMonths (then its effect is weakened and the procedure has to be repeated). The bottom line is that? Botulotoxin? Allows to avoid reduction of certain muscles, which is why the old wrinkles are smoothed and new ones do not appear. So, if the shots do not scare? This method is yours.

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