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Cream - this is probably the most affordable way to fight wrinkles

For most women, any, even the smallest wrinkle? if it is not a tragedy, it is certainly a cause for the disorder.

Unfortunately, scientists have not invented an elixir of youth, the ability to "undo" the appearance of new wrinkles.

However, there are ways to get rid of existing ones.



KremKrem - this is probably the most affordable wayto fight wrinkles. He is quite able to improve the condition of the skin, rejuvenate it, improve skin tone and elasticity also. The main difficulty in this case - is to choose the right cream. Selection of a cream, as is known, depends not on the number of wrinkles as the type of skin, wrinkles space location of your age. In addition, before purchasing a particular cream is better to consult a professional, rather than relying on someone else's opinion.


MiostimulyatsiyaMiostimulyatsiey calledeffect on the facial muscles or muscles of the body electrocution. With the current muscles contract, allowing enhanced blood circulation and tissue oxygen saturation occurs. Program, which is conducted myostimulation, and there are several to choose an individual can only be a specialist. After myostimulation decreased double chin, cheeks drooped, reduces wrinkles, skin texture and aligned, increases its elasticity, a reduction in the volume of problematic areas. Often the effects of electric current is coupled with the application of heat, thereby significantly increases the efficiency of the procedure.


InektsiiIzbavitsya of wrinkles is possible by means of injections, which include substance? Botulinum toxin ?. This substance is injected under the skin, Where he works for a fewmonths (and then its effect is weakened, and the procedure has to be repeated). The bottom line is that? Botulinum toxin? to avoid reducing certain myshts- why wrinkles are smoothed out the old and new do not occur. So, if you are not afraid of injections? this method is yours.

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