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HOW smoke tobacco

How to smoke tobacco

Smoking so that it enjoyed, many want, but often do not know everything, like smoking tobacco correctly.

Tobacco smoking - it's an art.

And despite the fact that the ancient tribes believed that tobacco - a gift from the gods to people, yet do not forget about the Ministry of Health warnings about the dangers of smoking.

You will need

  • Tobacco
  • Smoking pipe
  • Hookah
  • Or in the form of tobacco
  • - cigarette
  • - sigarill-
  • - sigar-
  • - papiros-
  • - Cigarette.
  • Lighter / matches.



First of all, decide in what form you want to smoke tobacco. Cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars or cigarettes - Modern tobacco products are presented in a wide range in any store. also, smoking tobacco You can with the help of devices such as pipe or hookah. Whichever method of smoking tobaccoas you choose, the process should trigger in you positive emotions. properly smoking tobacco should be in a calm, relaxing environment.


The most common method of smoking tobaccoand - smoking cigars. To light a cigar, trimmed its sealed tip and set fire to it evenly lighter or matches. Once the cigar lit, wait half a minute, and then have to start smoking.


Do not inhale the smoke into the lungs. The taste of a good cigar is revealed in the mouth, while inhaling the smoke into the lungs, you run the risk of cough and ruin the process of smoking tobaccoa. Hold in the mouth flavor tobaccoand enjoy it taste like the taste of a good wine.


Shakes off the ashes from his cigar, as necessary, and not after each puff. Ash enhances the flavor tobaccoa. If the ash is shaken hard, so it is not yet "ripe" for shaking off.

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