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HOW sleep Dolphins

How do dolphins sleep

All the higher animals, birds and mammals spend a certain time in a dream, restoring the vitality of the organism. This order is predetermined by nature.

In humans, sleep is associated with a state of rest, immobility, and complete relaxation.

Therefore, many people are interested in how dolphins sleep, because they are never perfectly still.

Breathing in dolphins

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Usually people do not particularly think about itsbreath, because it is a natural process. But in dolphins, everything is more complicated, as they have every 5-10 minutes, emerges from the water to replenish its supply of oxygen. To do this they need well-coordinated joint actions of the brain and muscles.
Dolphins belong to the second aquatic mammals. The latter are the descendants of animals that lived in the water first, and then got out on the land, where they could learn to breathe easy. Then, for unknown reasons, science they returned to the watery element. Leading the life of the fish, dolphin breathe easy. Rising to the surface of the water, he opens a special valve makes exhalation and inhalation, then close the valve, and is immersed in water is already with a fresh supply of oxygen. This complex process is almost impossible to combine with muscle relaxation and restful sleep.

Opening of scientists about how dolphins sleep

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Scientists have been a number of different assumptions about how dolphins sleep:
- These marine mammals sleep, like a sleepwalker, with open eyes and strained myshtsami-
- They sleep by inhalation to exhalation, and then wake up on the changes in the chemical composition of the stored air-
- Dolphins do not sleep because they do not need sleep.
Unravel the mystery of an extraordinary natureallowed registration biocurrents dolphin brain. EEG reflects the stages of sleep and wakefulness by means of a specific pattern. The experiments were conducted by researchers LM Mukhametova and AJ Supino at the Institute of Evolutionary Morphology and Animal Ecology (IEMEZH) of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the Black Sea Biological Station, where marine mammals studied and in the pool, and in open-air cages. Electrons were implanted in the brain to several bottlenose dolphins and harbor porpoises. Animals were playing, and recording was carried out remotely by wire and radio.

Prior to this discovery, many paid attention to one eye of a dolphin, but that he was just sleeping, they had no idea.

The study results were sensational discovery: nature endowed the ability of dolphins and relax and watch at the same time!
It was found that this brainanimal sleep in turns. While one of them is awake, controlling breathing and movements, both put to sleep, which lasts up to 1.5 hours. After that there is a kind of change, "watch" and both hemispheres change their roles: one of them, which was previously active, is now asleep, and rested - awake.

When the dolphin wakes up, to connect the work of his two hemispheres.

Thus, the "house" provides a hemispheremanagement body of a dolphin, and sees to it that he was raised in a timely manner to the surface to breathe air and not choked. So he sleeps.

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