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How dolphins sleep


How dolphins sleep</a>

All higher animals, birds and mammals spend a certain time in a dream, restoring the vital forces of their organism. This order is predetermined by nature itself.

In people, sleep is associated with a state of rest, immobility and complete relaxation.

Therefore, many are interested in how dolphins sleep, because they are never completely immobile.

Breathing in dolphins

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Usually people do not particularly think about theirBreathing, as this is a natural process. But in the case of dolphins, everything is more complicated, since they have to emerge from the water every 5-10 minutes to replenish their oxygen supply. To do this, they need co-ordinated joint actions of the brain and muscles.
Dolphins are referred to as secondary mammals. The latter relate to the descendants of animals that first lived in the water, and then climbed to the dry land, where they were able to learn to breathe lungs. Then, for reasons unknown to science, they returned to the water element. Leading the life of fish, the dolphin breathes lungs. Going up to the surface of the water, he opens a special valve, exhales and inhales, then closes the valve and submerges into the water already with a fresh supply of oxygen. Such a complex process is almost impossible to combine with the relaxation of muscles and the serenity of sleep.

The discovery of scientists about how dolphins sleep

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Scientists had several different assumptions about how dolphins sleep:
- these marine mammals sleep like a somnambulist, with open eyes and tense muscles-
- they sleep from inhalation to exhalation, then wake up from a change in the chemical composition of the stored air-
- Dolphins do not sleep at all, because they do not need a dream.
Solve this extraordinary mystery of natureAllowed the registration of brain currents of dolphins. The electroencephalogram reflects the stages of sleep and wakefulness with the help of a certain pattern. Experiments were carried out by researchers LM. Mukhametov and A.Ya. Supin from the Institute of Evolutionary Morphology and Ecology of Animals (IEMGE) of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR at the Black Sea Biological Station, where marine mammals were studied both in the basin and in open-air cages. Electrons were implanted in the brain to a few bottlenose dolphins and toddlers. The animals frolicked, and the recording was conducted remotely, by wire and radio.

Prior to this discovery, many drew attention to one eye in the dolphin, but they did not know that he was just asleep.

The results of the study were a sensational discovery: nature awarded dolphins with the opportunity to rest and to be awake at the same time!
It was found that the cerebral hemisphere of thisAnimals sleep in turns. While one of them is awake, controlling breathing and movements, the other is immersed in a dream that lasts up to 1.5 hours. After this, a kind of "watch" change takes place and both hemispheres change roles: one of them, which was active before, is now falling asleep, and the rested one is awake.

When the dolphin wakes up, both hemispheres are connected to work.

Thus, the "on-duty" hemisphere providesControl the body of the dolphin and make sure that it rises in a timely manner to inhale the air to the surface and does not choke. So he sleeps.

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