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Seedlings yucca

How to sit yucca

Yucca is a tree trunk, which occasionally grow rosette with long, sharp leaves.

Young plants are transplanted into a pot annually greater capacity.

In older plants remove the top layer of soil and put fresh (usually in the spring).



Regular feeding accelerate the growth of yucca. With proper care subsidiary outlet yucca blooms in the third - fourth year. After flowering rosette gradually parted with leaves, and then completely disappears, but instead there are 5 - 10 new outlets. They can be formed simultaneously with the drying up of the main power outlet, or a little later. The young shoots should sit down, but not immediately. Sockets should grow and gain strength in the maternal roots. You can leave them for the winter.


Young seedling outlet is not easy, because the hardthe roots of the parent bush strongly expand in breadth and depth. Subsidiary outlet should carefully excavated and separated from the part of the parent root. The sections have to be dried or processed ash. After yucca It can be planted.It happens that the sockets are no roots or they are quite weak. It is necessary to place the roots sprinkle a special floral stimulant to plant and process for a few days to cover it with a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off.


If the plant was already quite old, it can be divided by stem cuttings and seedlings them.
Jukka need to get out of the pot, puthorizontally and cut it into pieces 10-15 cm long. The sections must be treated with pieces of root growth stimulator, and then stick the cuttings in a mixture of peat and sand, cover with polythene and put into dark places. You should regularly moisturize the soil and keep the temperature 24-27 degrees. A month later, the old pieces of yucca take root, they can sit on the pot.

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