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How to Arrange Yucca


How to Arrange Yucca</a>

Yucca has a tree trunk, on which periodically grow rosettes with long sharp leaves.

Young plants are annually transplanted into a pot of greater capacity.

Older plants remove the top layer of soil and put a fresh one (usually in the spring).



Regular fertilizing accelerates the growth of yucca. With proper care, the daughter socket of the yucca blossoms for the third - fourth year. After flowering, the rosette gradually leaves leaves, and then disappears altogether, but 5 to 10 new rosettes appear instead. They can be formed simultaneously with the drying out of the main outlet or a bit later. Young growth should be planted, but not immediately. Sockets should grow and grow stronger on the mother roots. You can leave them to spend the winter.


It is not easy to arrange the young rosettes, because the hardThe roots of the maternal bush are greatly expanding in breadth and depth. The child's outlet should be carefully unearthed and separated with a part of the maternal root. Sections should be dried or treated with ashes. After Yucca Can be planted.It happens that the rosette does not yet have roots or they are rather weak. It is necessary to sprinkle the roots with a special flower stimulator, plant the process and cover it with a plastic bottle with a cut bottom for a few days.


If the plant is already quite old, it can be divided into stem cuttings and plant them.
Yucca needs to get out of the pot, putHorizontally and sawn into pieces 10-15 cm long. Slices of the pieces should be treated with a root growth stimulator, and then sticks cut into a mixture of peat and sand, covered with polyethylene and put in a darkened place. Regularly moisten the soil and maintain a temperature of 24-27 degrees. In a month, the pieces of the old yucca will take root, they can be planted in pots.

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