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HOW shy person to overcome itself

As a shy person to overcome itself

Many people at the thought that they will haveto speak in public, or just to meet new people come in confusion, tremors felt in the whole body or heart palpitations. Shyness and self-doubt may create obstacles to socialization, and this, in turn, affects our lives in an undesirable manner.

How can I handle it?

The concept can be described shynessa feeling of discomfort in social situations. Shy people are usually focused on themselves, on their own complexes, domestic anxiety, unwanted thoughts.

Be confident - this is the first step toovercoming shyness. Be proud of your talents and achievements - they are for everyone. You may be surprised that, but people for the most part engaged in their own affairs, they have a lot of their systems, they simply do not care how you behave or how to look.

Learn to focus on what you can achieve, and start to work on yourself. So you will not have time to think about how you look.

Learn to relax - it will help you in difficult situations find peace. May well help breathing techniques, meditation, and other similar exercises.

Try to identify situations in which youYou feel shyness. It may be speaking in public, dating, large company of people. Make a list of these situations - it will help to work on themselves more effectively.

Develop the confidence. Treat yourself at the proper level. Do not try to compare yourself to others - believe me, they do the same thing in the same way as you do, think of something worse than others. You are not worse - you just do not like that, and that's fine. All people are different.

Observe the behavior of self-confident people. In a similar situation, you can behave just as they are.

And remember that shyness - it is not an innate quality, so it is possible to overcome.

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