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As a shy person to overcome himself


As a shy person to overcome himself</a>

Many people at the thought that they will have toTo appear in public or just before meeting new people come into confusion, feel a trembling in the whole body or more heartbeat. Shyness and self-doubt can create obstacles for socialization, and this, in turn, affects our life in an undesirable manner.

How can you cope with this?

The concept of shyness can be characterizedAs a feeling of discomfort in social situations. A shy person usually concentrates on himself, on his own complexes, internal anxiety, unnecessary thoughts.

Be confident - this is the first step forOvercoming shyness. Be proud of your talents and achievements - they have everyone. Perhaps you will be surprised, but people are mostly busy with their own affairs, they have many of their complexes, they simply do not care how you behave or how you look.

Learn to concentrate on what you can achieve, and start working on yourself. So you will not have time to think about how you look.

Learn to relax - this will help you in difficult situations to find peace. Breathing practices, meditation, and other similar exercises can be helpful.

Try to highlight the situations in which youFeel shy. It can be public appearances, acquaintances, large companies of people. Make a list of such situations - it will help to work on yourself more effectively.

Develop confidence in yourself. Take yourself at the proper level. Do not try to compare yourself with others - believe me, they are doing the same thing and just like you, they think that something is worse than others. You are not worse - you are just not that, and that's normal. All people are different.

Observe the behavior of self-confident people. In a similar situation, you can behave just like them.

And remember that shyness is not an inborn quality, so it is possible to overcome it.

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