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AS should write educated Chinese

How should write educated Chinese

The elimination of illiteracy in China began around 1949.

So far only 20% of the population were literate - to read and write.

The introduction of compulsory secondary education (9 classes) covered more than 90% of the population of China.

At the present time regulations (state) Chinese is spoken by about half of the total population.



Literacy - is a great achievementChina's Ministry of Education. After all, in the country there are many dialects in parallel (individual languages), inherent in different provinces. The representatives of certain nations do not understand each other's language, but it can be explained by the characters. They (graphics) are the common thread among the placers of the beads of the Chinese people. That's why none of the attempts to introduce in China ABC failed.


Hieroglyphic writing is deeply rooted anddear to the heart of every Chinese, honoring age-old cultural traditions. The art of calligraphy has always been the highest in China. It has long been the development of literacy was virtually the only way to growth and social mobility. No wonder educated person in China called "teacher" instead of "master".


Tutunhua - modern Chinese language, releasedof the Beijing dialect. Thanks to television, the media and the education system, it has about one billion people. Writing a column from top to bottom is read from right to left. At present, it is difficult to tell the exact number of existing characters. According to some estimates there are about 60 thousand., But the most common is not more than a thousand. It is this basic notation thousand is part of the more complex concepts.


An educated Chinese person should master six typesCharacter. Visual signs - ancient prototypes of simple icons (sun, rain, water, etc.). Information signs - symbols, reminding about the concepts described by them (down, up). Synthetic signs - options merger marks the first two categories. For example, the word "wagon" is a part of such concepts as "tank", "bus", "train" and others.

Phonetic signs areword-keys, combining the concepts of a group belonging to the more complex values ​​and having 4 tonal positions, radically changing the meaning. For example, the first word meaning tone - thick, and the third - the robber. The fifth type - modified marks the first 4 types. The sixth type - borrowed signs that describe new concepts.


To read newspapers and recognition ofuncomplicated text, you need to remember about 2-3 thousand characters. In colloquial speech, the average Chinese uses 4-6 thousand. Linguists not keep in memory more than 10 thousand characters.

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