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What a real man should look like


What a real man should look like</a>

It is known that a real woman should always look attractive and sexy, regardless of where she is: at home, at work or on a walk.

But not everyone knows how a real man should look.



Men and women are completely differentImagine their ideals. Men believe that they must be real males, such macho, who are driving many women mad. According to the girls, a real man should look quite different. And the main attribute for them is not the appearance. Women always imagine the ideal man in different ways. Some people like brunettes, some blondes, shatens or reds, some like blue-eyed, some brown-eyed or green-eyed, some attract men who prefer sportswear, and some are elegantly dressed guys. It turns out that for women it does not matter at all whether a man is low or tall, thin or overweight, it is important how he will behave with his woman and in general in society.


First of all, girls want menCeased to look under every "skirt" and consider the female sex exclusively as a sexual object. They try to make sure that the guys value the mind in women, and not just its appearance. Girls are annoyed that men are accustomed to extolling themselves above them and in everything try to emphasize their superiority. There is an interesting female opinion that a real man should be able to wash, clean and cook, even for himself, a loved one. Girls want to see next to themselves not only courageous, but also intelligent modest guy.


In addition to all the above men's qualities,There is still a huge list of what a man should be able to do. So, a man should be able to: listen, talk, be silent, be interesting, support the conversation (especially when he is at an impasse), stand up for himself and his girlfriend. This list can be continued indefinitely. It turns out that a real man does not have to be beautiful. Women appreciate in men not their appearance, but their internal qualities.

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