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How should look like a real man

How should look like a real man

It is known that a real woman should always look attractive and sexy, no matter where it is: at home, at work or on a walk.

But not everyone knows how should look like a real man.



Men and women are completely differentimagine their ideals. Men believe that they should be real males, a sort of macho, which bring to mind many women. According to the girls, this man should look very different. Moreover, the main attribute is not a look for them. Women always imagine the perfect man in many ways. Someone like brunettes, someone blond, brown-haired or red, someone who likes blue-eyed, brown-eyed someone or green-eyed, some attracted to men who prefer sporty style of clothing, and some - elegantly dressed guys. It turns out that for women it does not matter, will be a man of low or tall, thin or Large, important is how it will behave with the woman, and in general in society.


First of all the girls want men toWe stopped to look at each "skirt" and considered the female sex purely as a sex object. They are trying to make sure that the guys in the women appreciated the mind, not just her appearance. The girls were annoyed that the men used to exalt himself above them and around trying to emphasize their superiority. There is an interesting female opinion that a real man should be able to wash, clean and cook, at least for myself. Girls want to see next to each other not only courageous, but also intelligent humble guy.


In addition to all these male qualities,there is a huge list of things that should be able to man. So, man should be able to: listen, speak, be silent, be interesting, keep the conversation (especially when it has come to a standstill), to stand up for himself and for his girlfriend. This list can be continued indefinitely. It turns out that a real man does not have to be beautiful. Women appreciate a man not their appearance and their inner qualities.

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