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How to dispose of mercury thermometers


How to dispose of mercury thermometers</a>

Everyone knows that mercury is very dangerous for human life and health.

In the body, it can get in two ways: either through the digestive system, or through the respiratory tract. Often poisoning occurs because of the ingress of mercury vapor into the body.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to throw out the old or broken thermometer in garbage containers.



If your thermometer is intact, but the internal bulbDamaged, further use of it is impossible, such a thermometer is recyclable. For reliability, wrap the thermometer in several cellophane bags. Pack each pack carefully. From your mobile phone, call toll-free number 112 and ask the operator where your nearest rescue service is located in your city. Also in many cities there are environmental enterprises that accept from the population, energy-saving lamps that have become unusable, thermometers, medical preparations.


If the thermometer broke and mercury rolled upFloor or table, the first thing to do is immediately bring all the people out of the room, protect the respiratory system with a moist gauze dressing, and the skin of your hands with rubber gloves. With a syringe, rubber pear or wet newspaper, collect mercury and the remnants of the broken thermometer. In a jar of cold water or a solution of potassium permanganate, place the collected particles and close the lid tightly. Then call the specialists from the rescue service, who should measure the background in your house and pick up the collected mercury. Place where the thermometer was broken, treat with a solution of potassium permanganate or bleach.

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