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AS should be grown mallow

How should grow mallow

Mallow (stem-rose) - herbaceous plant that belongs to the family Malvaceae. At the height of the mallow reach two meters, the plant stem is covered with large leaves and flowers.

The color of flowers vary from white, yellow, pink and red hues to dark purple.

Site Selection

To mallow grew well and flowered profusely, you must choose the right place. Since this plant loves the sun, the best option for him - an open sunny or lightly shaded place.

Stem-Rose patient to drought and not veryIt is demanding on the soil, but very lean and lean ground nutrients for planting this plant should not choose. Beware mallow planted on heavy, constantly moist soil, in such circumstances, it is sure to die.

sowing seeds

Planting seeds mallow at the selected locationmust be at the end of April or early May. Earth well before planting, moisten, seeds of small holes in the 2-3 pieces. The distance between the pits must be half a meter.

Sprouts mallow should appear after about 2 weeks, they develop very slowly, so stay clean soil, timely weeding.

care of plants

In the first year of the stem-rose blooms usually do not, at thistime on the plant forms a rosette of leaves. During the summer, mallow should be periodically watered, while avoiding water stagnation. Positive effect on the growth and development of plants timely loosening of soil and weed control. In the winter crops mallow need to shelter with dry leaves or straw, so they can die with severe frosts.

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