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How to grow mallow


How to grow mallow</a>

Malva (rod-rose) is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the family of Malvows. The height of the mallow reaches two meters, the stem of the plant is covered with large leaves and flowers.

The color of the flowers varies from white, yellow, pink and red to dark violet.

Choose a place

In order for the mallow to grow well and flourish abundantly, it is necessary to choose the right place. Since this plant loves the sun, the best option for it is an open sunny or slightly shaded place.

Stock-rose is patient with drought and not particularlyIs demanding to the soil, but it is not worth choosing for the plant to plant this plant, which is very poor and depleted with nutrients. Beware of planting mallow on a heavy, constantly wet soil, in such conditions, it will necessarily die.

Seed sowing

Plant mallow seeds in the selected placeIt is necessary in late April or early May. Ground before sowing, moisturize well, plant seeds in small pits for 2-3 pieces. The distance between the pits should be half a meter.

Mallow sprouts should appear about 2 weeks later, they develop very slowly, so stay clear of the soil, weed out the weeds in time.

Care of the plant

In the first year the stock-rose usually does not bloom, in thisTime on the plant are formed rosettes of leaves. During the summer, the mallow should be watered periodically, while avoiding stagnation of moisture. Positively affects the growth and development of the plant timely loosening of the soil, as well as the destruction of weeds. For the winter, sowing of mallow should be covered with dry leaves or straw, as in severe frosts they may die.

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