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How should people live

How should a man live

No single set of rules by which a person lives. In the world there are religious laws, civil and moral, which is recommended to adhere to.

Violation of one leads to liability only for the other people around them may condemn same.

Most laws person learns as a child, when trained in basic skills.



Each religion has its own rules of life. They are dictated by the characteristics of faith, a territory where the religion originated, and many other factors. But there are universal principles which exist in all the exercises. Do not kill - this is the commandment, which is in many faiths. She says that every person is worthy of life, and live it to decide whether or not a person should not.


Other rules concern the life of the relationshipbetween people. If you combine them into one, you get the following assertion: "Do unto others as you want others to do unto you." In these words lies honesty, responsibility and love for others.


Each state has its own laws. And the inhabitant of this territory and visiting guests must respect these rules. Violation these conditions leads to punishment from administrative to criminal. Misconduct can be any, even the garbage thrown in the street, you can pay off somewhere in a large fine, driving while intoxicated in some countries could lead to imprisonment for theft and sometimes cut off the hands of the world.


Each team also has rules. Sometimes there is a statute of the organization, the rules of behavior in the institution, but most of these conditions are behind the scenes, all of them know and try to adhere to. For example, on the need to properly communicate with co-workers, such as to contact the authorities. Violation of these rules is not dangerous, you can only lose a workplace or a reprimand. But a person has to fulfill these conditions.


There are also family rates. They also vary in families. Somewhere we can talk in a raised voice, and someone is not welcome. These rules man sets himself, and he himself performs them. They help to keep the atmosphere of warmth and comfort in any home.


Man is constantly surrounded by hundreds of rules. But most of them are not burdensome. People are accustomed to it from childhood and treated as if they are not. A free man thinks constantly about the limitations that exist in the world. In fact, even in the framework of the laws can be perfectly self-realization and not feel the boundaries.

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