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HOW sheathe bodice

How to sheathe bodice

Costume for belly dance - is a work of art, glamor, sparkle and beauty! The most bright and sparkling comes to the decoration of the suit.

Every dancer wants her outfit was the most-most in order to create an inviting and attractive image of the eastern seductress.

You will need

  • - Shiny decorative cloth-
  • - A lot of sequins and strazov-
  • - A lot of different beads and bisera-
  • - A needle and thread.



Choose the right for additionaldecorating a bra. It must meet certain requirements - to have a dense foam cups, bones and excellent quality to withstand all that you did to him. Size is better to take one more, because after the stitched and decorations, bra will be less.


The fabric you choose for your costume should not be too thick, because you will have enough to sheathe the small details - straps and rubber bands. Cut off bodice what do you think superfluous. So, you can leave behind only rezinochki to which will be attached to the cups decorative zastezhka.Prilozhite new fabric, tightly obtyanite them, bending the material inside out and fasten with pins. Carefully, in her arms, a hidden seam to sew the fabric bra cups.


To trim the rear straps and rubber bands cutstrip slightly longer than these details, then baste them. Sew these pieces should be zigzag in order to lightly stretched. Old clasp can also sheathe, carefully releasing the hooks, or cut it and sew a new decorative releasable buckle.


Now bra, leather shiny fabricyou need to sew sequins and beautiful beads. In stores you can find ready-made flowers, chains, hearts and other items from the beads. How do you arrange it all on your bodice concert depends on the pattern that you have selected. Place the sketch in front of you and start this tedious and meticulous work - embroidery with beads.


The link between the cups, too, do not forgetthoroughly decorate. Instead, you can sew a decorative metal ring. Fringes of shiny beads or yarn with lurex also will come in handy at such a bodice.


Firmly and richly embroidered bodice for belly dancingquite a lot of weight, so make sure of the strength of supporting parts. Camisole is better to change to a tight braid. Simply sheathing bodice, which was originally made of beautiful fabrics with patterns or embroidery. You can simply apply and glue sequins and rhinestones on the finished ornament.

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