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How to shave a beard


How to shave a beard</a>

Dense vegetation on the face of a man can mask his external flaws.

A woman needs to turn to a plastic surgeon to give a clear oval face, a man has enough to grow a beard, and a "double" chin, no matter how it happened.

A beard can ennoble the face of a man who has a "weak-willed" chin or a round face, however, some grow a beard not to hide faults, but because it has become fashionable.

You will need

  • Trimmer with ceramic blades for an ideal symmetrical shape, razor for removing hair on the cheeks and chin and scissors.



Shave the hair on the cheeks and neck to the border of the beginning of the beard.


Start cutting your mustache, reaching the optimum density for you.


Remove the hair under the lower lip (if you are not shaving under the "goatee"), the oblique edges of the beard very gently pounding.


Start sculptural design of the beard with scissors and trimmer. To do this, select the shape of the beard that best fits your face's oval.

For a round face, a trapeze beard is suitable, for an elongated face - an elongated beard, a trapezoid face visually narrows the haircut "quads", if the face is oval in shape, then any variants of haircuts will do.
To make the beard shine, use the same means that are recommended for hair on the head.

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