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HOW shade eyeliner

How to shade eyeliner

Gothic image, dark expressive eyes have become popular in the autumn of 2010. Make-up smoky eyes used by many designers and stylists at their shows.

In summer 2011 smoky eyes have changed a little, but was no less a favorite among connoisseurs of fashion bold.

Now, this makeup can be done not only through the black-and-gray palette of shadows and pencils, but also to experiment with bright summer colors.

Purple, green, yellow, orange smoky eyes will not leave you unattended.

You will need

  • Konsiller eye, black or colored pencil, several shades of shadows, brush for shading.



To fulfill such a makeup, you must know the following simple technique. To start eyes you need to prepare for the application of decorative cosmetics. Remove the small capillaries, dark circles under eyesE, irregularities and other shortcomings willkonsiller eye or proofreader. Concealers should be easy and inconspicuous on the skin. Apply a few drops under konsillera upper and lower eyelid and patting, massaged to mask imperfections. So eyes They will look more fresh and ready to fulfill the basic make-up.


Now draw a pencil line along the contour eyes top and bottom, and from moving to the templebridge of the nose. Clearly, try to follow the contour and point the pencil lines closer to the ciliary zone. Now take a sponge or a brush for shading, from the bridge of the nose, a clear shade of pencil line. At the outer corner eyes make it more wider than the domestic.


For a smoky eye effect, use black and gray or colored shadows. In the area of ​​the movable century (the fold) along the line, apply a dark color palette, and the rest of the eyes (Still eyelid) suitable lighter shade. Dilute rastushevochnoy brush now the whole make-up, that there were no clear boundaries between colors. The area of ​​the lower eyelashes Draw light shadows to great effect blur.

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