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How to Stitch Sleeves


How to Stitch Sleeves</a>

There are a lot of sleeves.

The most common method of sewing a sleeve there are two: a classic (vtachnoy) sleeve or sleeve shirt cut.

In these cases, there is a sleeve, and there is a shoulder seam in the product.

You will need

  • 1) The product
  • 2) Sewing needle
  • 3) Threads
  • 4) Sharp scissors
  • 5) Tailoring Needles
  • 6) Sewing machine
  • 7) Iron



Before embossing the sleeves, transfer the test cuts from the pattern to the sleeve and armhole. Then they will need to be combined.


If the sleeve is vtachnoy (with a high pellet), then first perform all the seams on the sleeve, as well as the shoulder and side seams on the product. If you are sure of the length Sleeves, You can process its bottom.


Then make a landing on the pellet Sleeves. For this, between the control notchesLay a machine stitch with a 4 mm stitch at a distance of 3-5 mm from the future stitching seam. It is necessary to tighten the line by pulling on the thread, which stretches better. The assembly should be small and uniform. It is necessary for a flat sleeve to take the shape of a round shoulder.


Insert the sleeve turned out on the front side into the armhole and fix it from the underside of the product, aligning the control notches. Control notches? This is the middle Sleeves On the pellet with a shoulder seam, and a notch on the sleeve withA notch on the armhole. It is necessary to prick the needles with the needles perpendicular to the cut through 5-7 cm. After this, be sure to sweep the sleeve with a stitch no more than 1 cm, evenly spreading the fingers of the landing.


Carefully iron the landing with steam, lightly touching it with a spout of iron and not going on the sleeve. Stitch the sleeve (join the machine stitch) from the side Sleeves, Controlling the uniform distribution of planting. Check if you have a straight line. If the line is even, lay another machine stitch clearly seam in the seam. This will ensure the strength of the product. Iron the seam Sleeves Also a spout of iron, lightly touching and not going on the sleeve.


If the sleeve of the shirt cut, whose heightThe pellet is small, and the pellets themselves are more stretched, then the processing sequence will be different. Such a sleeve is used in articles of free cut. In this way, it is possible to hitch the above-mentioned sleeve, if it is used in products of elastic materials without hanging on the sleeve.


Landing is not performed, the seam Sleeves And the side seam is not pre-processed. Combine the control notches and fasten them with the pins as indicated in the description above. This sleeve can be immediately processed on the machine, not smotyvaya, since it is non-stop. If in doubt, it is better to pre-sweep the sleeve.


Iron the stitching seam. Now combine and fasten the slices Sleeves And side sections of the product. In this case, you must match the seam of the armhole and the length of the cuts of the sleeves and the length of the side sections of the product. Route the machine stitch and iron the seam.

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