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How to sew paetki

Before you choose a method of sewing sparkles, decide the pattern

Sewing sparkles - laborious and not a quick thing.

There are several ways of attaching sequins to the fabric, which will help to give your clothes or home decor exclusive look.

Standard is a sequins roundSequins 1 cm in diameter with a hole in the middle. Today, the stores of accessories and fabrics can be found paetki different shapes (square, leaf, a flower or an animal), colors and sizes (up to three centimeters in diameter). A method of fixing on the tissue will depend on the desired pattern, and appearance of fabric paetki.

What better to sew seams paetki

Conventional small paetki with a hole in the middletraditionally sew seam "back needle". For him you need to thread the needle with a knot at the end of the thread in the center paetki. Then of injection needle for sequins, returning it back. Now you can either go to the next item suturing (paetki then be superimposed on one another, hiding the thread), or thread the needle to stitch paillette parallel to the first, and bring it back to the center (in this case, will be located paetki continuous flat strip).

For sequin sparkles to the top clothes elementshome textiles and decor, use a thin invisible fishing line. For garment decoration, which is in contact with the body, take the thread to match the sequins or contrasting color.

Another embodiment of how to properly sewpaetki - using seam "loop". To do this, you need to withdraw the needle into the center of sequins and back, leaving a small loop on the left. Then thread the needle into the loop once for sequins and fix a small stitch. To hide the thread and create an imitation of fish scales, instead of fixing the stitch to sew the next start sequins.

Other methods of securing sparkles

To give extra shine and originalitythe product can be, When sewing paetki using beads. Pick a fine needle, beads with a wide hole and thread to match the beads and start consolidation. To do this, thread the needle in the center of sequins, nanizhite one or more beads and replace the needle into the hole paetki.

If you decide to decorate using sparklespiece of furniture that you will not be erased, it is possible to glue sequins superglue. If you want to decorate with sequins clothes, in this case, they must be sure to sew.

You can also connect paetki "bridges" of Beser. In this case, you need a needle strung with beads of threaded through the center of the next paetki.
Experiment and make the best decision for you, the best way to sew paetki.

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