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How to set goals for the new year?


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Every year people set their own goals, but only a few manage to achieve the desired results.

Why is this happening and how to set goals for the next year?

Being at the table, listening to the TV speechPresident, each of us thought about the next year. Someone wants to change their appearance, and the other wants to earn more, others generally think about extraordinary changes in the established life-course. Why is it that only a small percentage of people achieve what they really want?
The answer is simple. You just have to work on your goal. Many will say: "Banalshchina." Then why do your desires year after year the same? Yes, because you need to constantly move towards achievement. Want to lose weight? Start to be engaged in itself, instead of to eat donuts. Do you want to get rich? Then from the first of January start to write your own business plan or at least generate ideas.
Write down your main goals and keepIts always nearby. Address him when you think that you have lost the right path. Mark the progress of your intermediate achievements, divide the big goal into several small tasks (stages) and blindly follow their wording. Do not despair if there are failures. Failure is equivalent to experience.
Remember, miracles happen only to those who constantly work on themselves. Do you want to stay at the same level or go up a step higher?

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