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Every year, people set goals, but few manage to achieve the desired results.

Why is this happening and how to set goals for the next year?

While at the table, listening to the speech on TVPresident, each of us thought about the next year. Someone wants to change his appearance, and the other wants to earn, and other generally thought more about the extraordinary changes in the well-established line of life. Why does only a small percentage of people to the point that really wants?
The answer is simple. You just have to work on his aim. Many will say: "trivial." Then why are your desires from one year to one and the same? Yes, because we must move constantly to achieve. Want to lose weight? Begin to engage themselves, and do not eat donuts. Want to get rich? Then start with the first of January to register your own business plan, or at least generate ideas.
Write down at the paper its main goals and keepstanding beside him. Refer to it when you think that strayed from the right path. Notes the progress of its interim accomplishments, split large goal into smaller tasks (steps) and blindly follow their wording. Do not despair if failures occur. Failure equivalent experience.
Remember, miracles happen only to those who are constantly working on them. You want to stay the same or go up one step higher?

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