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How to arrange aloe


How to arrange aloe</a>

Aloe - a frequent inhabitant of our windowsills.

No wonder our grandparents grow this plant, because aloe juice has useful properties.

Aloe grows in the form of a bush with straight and smooth leaves.

Almost every 2-3 years it must be planted.

You will need

  • - flower pot-
  • - soil-
  • - A sharp knife or pruner.



Earth for the plant choose clay-sod, with the addition of humus or coarse sand.


Pot select spacious, so that water does not accumulate and does not stagnate inside.


Propagate the plant cuttings cut from the shoots of the lower part of the trunk. Carefully cut with a sharp knife or a pruner at an angle of 45 degrees.


Place the cuttings with slices up and hold it in a warm, dark place for a while.


Plant the cuttings in separate pots with well-moistened soil, top with a glass jar. Water the aloe in moderation, as the land dries.

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