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HOW seasons and the series in the series "The Clinic"

How many seasons and the series in the series "The Clinic"

October 2, 2001 on the American channel NBC premiered the television series Scrubs (in the Russian translation - the clinic).

The series immediately attracted attention for its controversial humor and philosophy of life of young doctors.

main characters

The main hero of all the seasons of the series (forexcept the last) is Dr. John Michael Dorian, whom everyone called JD, played his American actor Zach Braff. Throughout all seasons the story is on behalf of JD, he comments on the different situations that occur in the hospital, and at the end of each series makes a funny conclusion.

For his role Zach Braff has been repeatedly nominated for the "Emmy" and "Golden Globe".

Christopher Duncan Turk (played by DonaldFaison) - black friend of the protagonist. With JD they studied first at the institute, and then came to a place of work, in addition - along rented an apartment.
Elliot Reid - another young doctor played by actress Sarah Chalke. Elliot and JD amounted to one of the lines of love series, young physicians often quarreled and came together again.
Carla Espinosa - another black characterseries, the older sister of a medical clinic by Judy Reyes. At the end of the third season of Carla and Turk are married, this is another love of the series line. But unlike all the love stories by the example of the couple reveals all relationship problems young professionals living and working together.
Dr. Percival Cox Willis (actor JohnMcGinley) - one of the most experienced hospital doctors, which does not skimp on the sharp phrases against interns. His almost all do not like, but also respect for their professionalism. The third love story series - between him and his former wife, who periodically appears as a patient.
Dr. Robert Kelso by Ken Jenkins - another experienced doctor who is constantly in conflict with Dr. Cox.
Janitor (Neil Flynn actor) - the only character who does not have to do with medicine. Cleaner whole soul hates Jay Dee and tries in every way to annoy him.


Total shot nine seasons of the series "The Clinic", the last series was shown March 17, 2010.
The first season contains twenty-fourepisode and gradually reveals the audience storylines. The second season (twenty-two series) - this is the second year of work in the clinic, "Sacred Heart" comes to Dorian, his brother, and Dr. Cox starts to re-communicate with his ex-wife.
The third season (twenty-two episodes) based intalks about his relationship Dorian and Elliot, as well as the engagement and the wedding Turk and Carla. In the fourth season (twenty five runs) and Turk Clara partake problems of young families, and JD is finally becoming a doctor.
In the fifth season, consisting of twenty-fourseries, the clinic is finally there are new interns. A sixth season (twenty-two series) dedicated to children. Dorian and Dr. Kim Briggs have a child, Karl Tekro and a daughter, and Dr. Cox as the baby is born.
Seventh season consisted of only eleven episodesand he talked about the future life of doctors who are concerned with the problems of children. Eighth Season (nineteen series) marked the advent of a new head doctor - Taylor Maddox. And JD is going to leave the hospital, to be closer to his son.

In parallel with the eighth season out online series "Clinic: Interns". Each four-minute series was made in the format videozametok young doctors.

Last ninth season included the thirteenseries and talked about the events taking place one year after the eighth season. Almost all doctors became teachers Medical University, and the action of the series moves to the school.

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