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HOW seasons and how many episodes in the series "The Mole"

How many seasons and how many episodes in the series "The Mole"

August 7, 2001 on Ukrainian TV channel "1 + 1" and 8 October 2001, on the channel "TV-6" Russian premiere of the television series "The Mole". The final series was broadcast in 2002.

It was directed by Ernest Yayasan.

The main role played by Pavel Novikov Dmitry Nagiyev, Boris Sokolov, Viktor Smirnov and Alexey Osminin.

How many seasons and the series in the series

Season 1 - 12 serial
Season 2 - 12 episodes.

In the television series season 2 and 24 series. The story is finished, the continuation is not planned.

A short story series

1 season. Episodes 1-3. On Sergey Kuzmichev, a former Russian police officer, attacked by unknown. His kidnapped from the hospital and hiding in a country house. There he made the offer to become a secret agent. After the failure of Sergei unknown to kidnap his son and his wife and arrange in his house is on fire with corpses thrown. Sergei thinks that his family was burnt in a fire, and agrees to become a member of the FSB. Under the guise of the protagonist meets a killer Yura and tries to get into the field of view of the authority of "the Watchmaker."
Series 4-7. Mole continues to fulfill its mission and eliminate competitors. A senior official Viktor Sergeyevich finally pays attention to it. Sergey received a new task - to monitor the restaurant "Mandarin" and get out at Arsene - "central leader."
Taking a walk with his girlfriend Masha, Mole says his wife andson, but on a couple attacked. Now he decides to kill Arsen. After the assignment Sergey becomes the right hand "Watchmaker" and gives him an old timer with a secret. After the death of Sergei authority becomes the master of his "empire".
Lots 8-12. A young girl Dasha take out into the woods and kill. Guards shot Mole. Chief Financial Officer Marina blackmailed and forced to work against the boss.
Sergei sends his city Starkov, to see if his family alive. Starkov not find his wife and son of the owner.

The second season of the television series was a continuation of the events of the first season.

2 season. Series 1-4. Double Kuz'micheva survives the crash and returned to Nicholas. The main character travels to his hometown and meets with his wife Anna.
Siberian comes big businessman Okunev,who suddenly dies after Sergei accompanies him to the hotel. Kuz'michev becomes the prime suspect in the murder. It turns out that it Framed Konyushin investigator, acting on the request of the Moscow Mayor vitse Kulikova.

Series 5-9. Sergey Panteleev looking for the kidnappers. Assistant Sabur invites him to lead a large business. Special services promise to support the Mole in this matter.

In the Siberian between Oksana and Bones appears novel, but Kostya attacked and thrown into the river. It saves the hermit Anton, who lives on the island.

Attorney Larry wants to sell Margeladze information that Sergei works undercover.

Series 10-12. Larry tries to get information about the secret collaboration with special services of Sergei. To this end, he met with an FSB officer. Mole informs Margeladze that Larry blackmails military officer who illegally sells weapons.

Sabur is released from prison and Kuz'micheva reported that he was aware of his secret collaboration with special services, as well as leakage of information about the big party drugs.

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