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HOW seal the mattress

Handle with inflatable mattress

Resting on an air mattress is comfortable and when leaving the country, and at home. Fill it with air? It gets a great sleeper.

Deflate? mattress compactly folded into a small bag.

This product is one drawback? it can be easily punctured.

But this is not a reason to throw it away.

You will need

  • sandpaper
  • Acetone (solvent, gasoline)
  • Rubber patch
  • Glue
  • Press



Bleed air from the mattress, and prepare it forrepair. Such products often have a fuzzy surface, which prevents the glue firmly grasped. Carefully align the skin on the area around the hole in the mattress. Degrease the area: carefully treat it with acetone, thinner or gasoline.


Prepare a suitable patch. She can serve as just a piece of rubber. Complete with air mattress often offer ready set for repair? it includes patches and glue. What else can I use?

? Buy a sporting goods store special repair kit for boats made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is inexpensive and helps fine.

? Good mattresses are inflatable repair kits for sealing cycling chambers.

? You can also use the self-adhesive vinyl film, for outdoor advertising. When inflated mattress this patch will stretch along with it.


Buy a good glue. Typically, a silicate glue for repairing air mattresses? Moment? PVC, or adhesive. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to both surfaces and then proceed in accordance with his instructions? just gently apply the patch or expectant right time (within 15 minutes).


Strongly push the patch to the damaged site! Put on the spot taped press (careful, do not move it from the spot!) And soak for several hours. Do not inflate the mattress refurbished earlier than 12-14 hours.


Call specialists in repair of rubber andorthopedic mattresses, if for any reason you are not able to handle it on their own. Find out if these services are running in your city - over the telephone or via the Internet Help. They repair punctures and ruptures products in your office or at home.

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