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How to seal seams between ceiling tiles


How to seal seams between ceiling tiles</a>

The finishing of ceilings with polystyrene tiles remains one of the available and popular methods of repairing premises.

Often when glued, there are noticeable crevices between the tiles. This is due to the unevenness of the finished surface.

It is quite difficult to achieve an ideal combination of tiles.

If the tile itself is white and is glued to the ceiling, painted in light colors, then the seams are almost invisible.

On the dark surfaces, the slits do not look aesthetically pleasing.

You will need

  • Acrylic sealant, special gun or confectionery syringe.



To seal the seams between the tiles wellSuitable acrylic sealant. It is available in tubes, to work with it will require a special gun, which is purchased separately. Before the beginning of the process of closing the cracks, we cut the tip of the tube at an angle of 45 degrees, put the gun on the cylinder with the sealant. Pressing the balloon tightly to the gap between the tiles and pressing on the handle of the pistol, we begin to slowly move the tube along the seam. Thus, the seam is filled with sealant, and the gap becomes almost imperceptible.

Acrylic Sealant


What to do if there is no special gun orYou just decided to save on buying it? The question is not idle, since a high-quality pistol is not cheap, and buying it, if you are not going to repair it every month, there is no sense.

Pistol for the use of sealant


The usual confectionery syringe will come to the rescue,Which is in the arsenal of many housewives. Yes, and buying it will be cheaper than buying a gun. We take the balloon with sealant, press on the bottom, for example, with the hammer handle, fill the confectionery syringe with 2/3 of the volume. As a rule, many figured attachments go to the syringe set. We use one of them, which has a cut at an acute angle. Then we act in the same way as when working with a gun.

Cream injector

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