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HOW seal the joints between the ceiling tiles

How to seal the joints between the ceiling tiles

Stucco tiles Polystyrene is one of the affordable and popular methods of repair of the premises.

Often when gluing, between the tiles are still visible gaps. This is due to the finished surface roughness.

To achieve a perfect joining of tiles can be quite difficult.

Unless the white tiles and glued to the ceiling, painted in bright colors, the joints are almost invisible.

On a dark surface cracks do not look aesthetically pleasing.

You will need

  • Acrylic sealant special gun or a confectionery syringe.



For embedding the seams between the tiles is goodsuitable acrylic sealant. It comes in the box to work with them need a special gun, which is sold separately. Before starting the process of caulking tube tip is cut off at an angle of 45 degrees, we put on the tank with sealant gun. Pressing bottle tightly to the gap between the tiles and pressing on the handle of the gun, slowly begin to push the tube along the seam. Thus the seam is filled with sealant, and the gap becomes almost invisible.

acrylic Sealant


What if there is a special gun orYou just decided to save money on buying it? The question is not idle, since the high-quality pistol is not cheap, and buy it if you're not going to do repairs every month, it makes no sense.

Use sealant gun


Come to the aid conventional confectionery syringewhich is available in the arsenal of many housewives. Yes, and buy it cheaper than buying a gun. Take a bottle with sealant, to press on the bottom, for example, a hammer handle, fill with pastry syringe 2/3 volume. As a rule, set to the syringe nozzle is a plurality of braces. The use of them, which is cut at an acute angle. Next, acting in the same way as when using the gun.

Cream injector

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