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Even such a hole can be repaired with little or no trace

If you broke your favorite jacket, that's not a reason to get rid of it. Leather jackets are usually torn? Area ?, caught on something and pulling upstream.

Here's one way to seal the hole on your favorite jacket.



If the tear is small on the jacket, you cantake it to a repair company, where such damage will cope easily. Another thing, if there is no money for repairs or simply do not want to spend to repair some things or money. Then you can try to seal the jacket with your own hands. After all, there's nothing complicated there.


Buy regular glue? The moment ?. If you take the second superglue, he would get a stake and place the bonding is brittle and fragile.


Turn the sleeve inside out. one sleeve lining should be defer from the outside. Through this place and twisting thing. Remove the line, stick one's hand into the hole directly to the injury site, grab, and then through a hole on the sleeve turn out.


Spread the material and prepare a piece of densefabric or leather size equal to the size of the area of ​​the gap with an allowance of 1.5-2 cm from each side. The best piece of zagotovte even larger, and too much can always be cut in the process.


Apply with a brush on the patch and place of rupturethe glue from the inside. Wait about 20 minutes until the glue dries. Then apply another layer of glue and then allow it to dry. Do not smear under no circumstances cut the gap.


The cut gap is almost never even happens. On the corner he usually dull, and on the plate, on the contrary, sharp. Fold the corner, on the left slice attach the plate to the patch. Now evenly customize Area, combining cut. Repeat on the right, and then iron the material evenly by hand across the bonded area.


Cut away the excess patches and remove the product. Now you break sealed tightly. It is only necessary to bring the cut in order. Bend the gap to open cut. Apply glue, dry, stroking evenly. Gently now? Roll? adhesive residue from the surface and apply a layer of liquid on the cut? Salamander? color, spread the gap. Now you have only to sew up the hole in the sleeve and all.

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