How to seal a jacket

Even such a hole can be sealed practically without traces</a>

If you have torn your favorite jacket, this is not the reason to get rid of it. Leather jackets are usually torn? Corner ?, hooked for something against the move and pulling.

Here's one way to seal a hole in your favorite jacket.



If the gap on the jacket is small, you canCarry it to the repair studio, where with such damage will cope without much difficulty. It's another matter if there is no money for repairs or simply do not want to spend any money on repairing things. Then you can try to seal the jacket with your own hands. After all, this is nothing complicated.


Buy ordinary glue? Moment ?. If we take a second superglue, it will stand up as a stake and the bonding site will be brittle and unreliable.


Turn the sleeves inside out. The lining of one sleeve must be detached from the outside. Through this place a thing and a twist. Remove the stitch, insert your hand into the hole directly to the place of damage, grab it, and then turn it out through the hole on the sleeve.


Straighten the material and prepare a piece of denseTissue or skin the size equal to the size of the rupture area with an allowance of 1.5-2 cm from each side. It is better to prepare a piece of even larger size, and the excess can always be cut in the process.


Apply a brush to the patch and place of ruptureGlue, from the wrong side. Wait for about 20 minutes until the glue dries. Then apply one more layer of glue and let it dry again. Do not smear in any way the cut of the rupture.


The cut of the rupture is almost never even. At the corner, it is usually obtuse, and on the plate, on the contrary, sharp. Unbend the corner, on the left side, attach the plate to the patch. Now evenly adjust the angle, combining the cut. Repeat on the right, then evenly smooth the material with your hand across the entire area to be glued.


Cut off the excess patch and unscrew the product. Now the gap in you is glued tightly. You just need to bring the cut in order. Fold the gap to open the cut. Apply glue, dry, evenly stroking. Carefully now? From the surface of the remainder of the glue and apply a layer of liquid on the slice? Salamander? By color, spread the gap. Now you only need to sew in the sleeve hole and all.

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