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How to wind up the rating


How to wind up the rating</a>

There are a lot of contests on the Internet,The winners of which are selected on the basis of voting by users. During the contest, the votes are counted, and the participant who has the highest number of votes or has the largest arithmetic mean, in other words, having the highest rating, wins.

Many do not want to play by the rules, and are looking for a variety of ways to score ratings.

You will need

  • - a computer
  • - the Internet



The first and simplest way is toThe use of anonymizers. Go to the page where your voting button is located, which you need to click on to raise your rating and copy the address where it is located. Then paste the copied link into the address bar of the anonymizer. Wait until the page has finished loading, and click on its voting button. After that, the page will automatically update. If this does not happen, manually reload the page and vote again.


The second in complexity, but not in popularity,Is the use of programs that change your ip address. After installing the program, select either a dynamic IP address change, or a manual one. If you chose to manually change the ip address, go to the page with your voting button and click on it. After that, change the ip address in the settings and refresh the page. You can vote endlessly.


The third way? Paid, for those competitions that require registration, or in which the absolute uniqueness of the votes is required. On the Internet, there are bulletin boards on which you can place ads about buying unique voices, and such ads are in effect.

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