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HOW screwed rating

How screwed rating

lots of competitions held on the internet,the winners of which are selected on the basis of the voting members. During the contest are counted votes, and the participant who receives a majority of votes, or having the highest arithmetic mean of the votes, in other words, having the highest rating wins.

Many do not want to play by the rules, and seek a variety of ways to cheat the rating.

You will need

  • - a computer
  • - the Internet



The first and easiest way isuse anonymizers. Go to the page on which your voting button that must be pressed in order to raise your ranking and copy the address where it is located. Then paste the link into the address bar anonymizer. Wait for the page to load, and click on its button vote. After this page is automatically updated. If it does not, manually reload the page and vote again.


The second difficulty, but not by popularity,is the use of programs that change your ip address. After installing the program, select a dynamic change ip address, or manually. If you select the manual shift ip address, go to the page with your vote button and click on it. Then change the ip address in the settings and reload the page. You can vote up to infinity.


The third way? charge, for those competitions, which require registration, or that require the absolute uniqueness of the vote. On the Internet there are message boards where you can post ads about buying unique voices, and these ads are.

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