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HOW screw the screw into the concrete wall

How to screw the screw into the concrete wall

Often it is necessary to screw the screw into the concrete wall.

Thus it is necessary to know that the screws are fixed in the wall plugs.

The work is time-consuming, but doable, so do not be afraid of its complexity.

Concrete and reinforced concrete is the most popularbuilding material. Therefore, many people are interested in how to tighten the screws in them. Most often, the concrete used in the device of the building foundation, erection of walls and interior partitions. Due to its high strength concrete structures recognized as the most durable.

Forms for concrete screws

Among the most common screws in concrete is to provide:
- Countersunk golovkoy-
- Cylinder head.

Screws made of a first type of steel,which is a thin layer of zinc protects the product against corrosion. Use a screw without a dowel can be, as it provides a full thread tightness.

In the presence of voids in the concrete wall using expanded or stroke dowels.

Fixing screws concrete wall

Concrete is much stronger than the rest of the buildingmaterials, so it should use a special drill bit, which is a product, at the end of which there is a carbide insert.

As for the tool, it is bestuse a hammer drill, if its purchase is not possible, the work can be carried out by a conventional drill. But in this case it is necessary to drill hard but also rotated during this drill around its axis. Otherwise, the concrete can not succumb.

To get started in the wall marked the future location holes and only after that he can start drilling. Hole depth should correspond to the length of the screw.

Drill during extremely hot. For it is not overheated, it should be moistened with water.

Make a small indentation in the hole prepared beforehand hammered pin and rotated. Thus, you need to do to obtain the required depth.

From caved removes all dust and debris. After that, it is inserted into the dowel and screw.

A screw as screw, is screwed with a screw driver, do so using the screwdriver can not. Otherwise, it could simply fall out after the end of the aperture abuts.

How to choose a drill and & nbsp-anchor

If you plan to attach to the concrete walllight thing, you can use a plastic dowel and hammer Drills. The diameter of the dowel and the drill must be 6 mm. In this dowel length is selected depending on the wall thickness of the object, which is planned to consolidate.

For fastening objects to a concrete wall weighing 5 to 10 kg is used dowel impactor diameter of 8 mm and a drill bit with the same diameter. The number of dowels at least four pieces.

Mounting heavy objects, such as suspensioncabinets, stands for televisions, should be carried out with the help of dowels 10 mm diameter drill desyatimillimetrovym. To provide a more durable attachment will need at least six dowels.

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