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HOW scan assume decipher QR-code

How to scan, consider decipher QR-code

QR codes are used in Japan and Asia with1994, they are found literally everywhere: from a variety of products resting on the shelves, colorful signage to various flyers.

Initially QR-code was developed and presenteda company called Denso-Wave for domestic needs, now the code is widely used in other areas, as its use does not require any deductions and remains free.

mutation barcode

His appearance was preceded by high popularityon bar codes, namely it has led to the fact that the volume of sewn into them information about the objects no longer satisfy the requirements of users. A series of experiments was carried out, which allowed to obtain a more convenient way of encoding data.

In addition to the popularity in Japan, QR-code receivedwidespread in other countries. His long been practiced in Asia, but, oddly enough, it is used less frequently in Europe and America, is at the stage of initial development.

Previously, it was necessary to scan barcodes thinray of a special device, which conducted the identification of the goods only in an encrypted digital code. The main difference between the new QR-code was that the scanner reads it as a kind of two-dimensional image, because the image of the QR-code is a special squares for synchronization, which is oriented code scanner for easy reading.
The main feature of the above code iseasy application in the trading sector, due to the rapid recognition of any adapted equipment, down to the ordinary mobile phone on the platform android, windows or apple (iphone).

Working with QR

It is worth remembering that it is a universal carrierinformation. His recognition of this kind of coding deserved that work with the QR-code can be anyone. After you install the phone a special reading program-recognizer, it allows the user to instantly carry your phone in interesting information, send specific emails messages, add contacts. Many mobile operators have long taken into account the popularity of QR-code and produce mobile devices with pre-planted codes Recognition function.

For the use of QR-codes exists special software for various models of phones require different applications.

To read QR-code with a mobile phone,you must have a working camera. Download software for reading of QR-codes, you must install it and by aiming the camera at the QR-code, wait for his program decodes and displays the necessary information.
In Japan the QR-code are unexpectedApplication: can be found even in the cemetery, where they are used to provide information about the deceased. These codes are used actively in the museums involved in the work of travel agencies. In Lviv, for example, there is even a special tourist movement, placed the QR-code on Tourism attraction sites, this is done to tourists, even alone and without knowing the language could easily navigate the new city.

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