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How to make the system rollback

How to make a system rollback

If you have a variety of problems with the software of the computer, the manifestation of viruses, erroneous removal of the desired program, system failures helps roll back the system.

This program is available in microsoft windows systems from version XP and avoids many of the problems with the computer.



If the system is loaded, its recoveryearlier state hard to do. Click? Start ?, select? Program ?, then folder? Standard ?, folder? Official? and click the mouse on the label? System Restore ?. Asked windows that exactly what you want to do? create a restore point or to roll back the system, select? the restoration of an earlier state of the computer ?. After that you will be asked to choose? restoration on what point you need to produce. You should not choose a very old restore points? they can be made to install the program you need, that will not work after this pullback. Choose the closest recovery point, but be sure that, at the time of the creation of which you had no problems, fix that you want to rollback procedure.


If the system will not boot? You can try to load it in Safe Mode. Press F8 at boot and select the? Safe Mode ?. If the system is booted, then rolled back from safe mode like normal.


Also back is the menu?Last Known Good Configuration ?, opening in the list when you press F8. This item will restore the system to the nearest restore point created by the last successful boot. This procedure can help, if the result of the installation of any drivers, devices, or other action, the system does not boot either in normal or in safe mode.

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