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How to do a system rollback


How to do a system rollback</a>

When there are various problems with the software part of the computer, the manifestation of viruses, the erroneous removal of the desired program, system crashes, the system rollback helps.

This program is available in microsoft windows systems since the XP version and allows to avoid many problems with the computer.



If the system is loaded, then restoring itIt is not difficult to make an earlier state. Click the "Start" button, select "Programs", then the "Standard" folder, the "Service" folder? And click the mouse on the "system restore" tab. On the windows question about what exactly you want to do? Create a restore point or roll back the system, select? Restore an earlier computer state ?. After that, will be asked to choose? Recovery at what point it is necessary to produce. Do not choose a very old recovery point? They can be done before installing the programs you need, which after such a rollback will not work. Choose the closest recovery point, but be sure the one you created at the time of creation, you did not have any problems, which you want to fix the rollback procedure.


If the system does not boot? You can try to download it in safe mode. Press F8 when the system boots and select "safe mode". If the system boots, then rollback from the safe mode is similar to the usual one.


Just rollback is the menu item?Loading the last good configuration ?, which opens in the list when you press F8. This item will restore the system to the nearest restore point created at the last successful boot. This procedure can help if, as a result of installing any driver, device, or other actions, the system does not boot in either normal or safe mode.

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