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HOW ritual offices are cashing in on trouble

As the ritual offices are cashing in on trouble

Good ritual firm aims to alleviate the suffering of relatives of the deceased and take care of all the funeral arrangements, everything went according to tradition or the wishes of customers.

But, alas, there are also people who are used to preying on the suffering of others and force customers to pay exorbitant prices for services.

The main methods of cheating customers of ritual offices

Even if a person has died after a long illness orold age, and his death was expected, relatives and friends in most cases, can not alone deal with the funeral, because their sorrow is too much. Even worse, if the death was sudden close. In this case, make a person take a ritual services office and sign a contract very easily, as he realizes that he can not and does not want to do everything himself.

Grief does not allow people to think calmly: Even reasonable people can agree to pay for the services of "black" or the agency to sign the contract disadvantageous for him, as his thoughts confused and clouded by pain.

One of the most common variants of deception -It offers a variety of additional, completely unnecessary services, each of which you need to pay. When the agent starts listing all the work and explain the essence of each item, relatives and friends of the deceased are unlikely to listen to it carefully. By dragging out the discussion, the employee ritual offices testing the patience of their customers, and they result in a wave of his hand, prefer to just sign the papers, nothing without understanding. People faced with the death of a loved one, often do not have the strength and desire to object and explain exactly what they do not like, especially if the agent is persistent.
Cost of services often ritual officesIt is overestimated by several times. For example, they resell space in the cemetery, raising their price doubled or even tripled, and hoping that customers will not understand the question. As a result, people have to pay much. As a rule, ritual offices rely on the fact that grieving people will not be required to reduce the price, make inquiries or even more to try to recover some of their money.

As the ritual offices earn other people's misfortunes

One of the most unpleasant machinations - drawingagreement which indicated the total cost of services does not coincide with the actual. So just work "Black" office, as it allows the "laws" of the shadow market and agents are not afraid of inspections and documentation problems.

Of course, the client can apply for the office of the court, if it finds that the agreement was drawn up properly, but the likelihood that he will do it, is very small.

Finally, agents are able to offer "low-quality" products: for example, sold under the guise of cheap coffin expensive or podhoranivat in existing graves, saying that the place was free.

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