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HOW ride along the Moscow River by water bus

How to ride along the Moscow River by water bus

Boat trips along the Moscow River every yearThey are becoming increasingly popular. Tourists and visitors certainly ride by water bus, enabling easy to overlook Moscow's sights.

How to drive on this type of transport, and that it can offer its passengers?

River tours

Water transport is now the mostdemocratic means of transportation in the Moscow water area, which runs along the 7 ships, restaurants and about 115 water bus. The most complete and popular route is the one and half hours trip from the Kiev railway station to Novospassky bridge, adult ticket which costs from 400 rubles (separate prices for the beneficiaries).
Inquisitive tourists during the tour tell a detailed story of attractions, sailing behind.
The most accurate schedule and water busticket prices can be found on the website of the Metropolitan shipping company. Usually they run every half an hour - from 11:00 to 21:00. The first stage begins from the bridge of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and runs along the left side of the Rostov embankment. This excursion area the main attraction is the Novodevichy Convent, while on the opposite side there is a large forest park strip. The aqueous tram route passes the most green zone - Luzhniki and the Sparrow Hills, followed by Boring garden and so on.

End of route

The extreme water-bus stop isNovospassky bridge, named after the Novospassky monastery, which is considered the home of the first monks in Moscow. The founder of the monastery - the Holy Prince Daniel, the son of Alexander Nevsky, built in the 13th century shrine. Today, on the site of the Novospassky monastery is Danilovsky Monastery, who had replaced the temple, which is at the behest of Prince John Kalita in 1328 moved to the Church of the Transfiguration on the Kremlin Borovitsky hill.
For trips by water bus in the spring and autumn season need to dress warmly to avoid proskvozilo outdoors.
For the entertainment of passengers waterbusprovided access to the beach with walks in the recreation area, the organization of receptions and banquets on board the craft, corporate, family and children's events, as well as tours of the historic sites of the Moscow River. If desired, you can rent a water bus for their own purposes, paying from 5900 rubles per hour (minimum price). Excursion to this mode of transport is a great opportunity to spend time with friends or loved ones, relaxing and enjoy the sights of Moscow.

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