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How to become rich every day

To get rich slowly (as folk sayswisdom: "Hush steady wins the race"), we need only reasonably and deliberately take care of your finances daily. We often see that the "fast" wealth somehow does not lead to a life in constant prosperity.

A lot of people who have won bigmoney, such as bingo, after a while live on the same level as before the win, and all because they could not foresee the consequences of his extravagance.



Do not keep large amounts of money on a regularbank card. You can compare and select the best of currently available savings accounts and earn interest on deposits due. The differences may seem insignificant, but, as Einstein said, "The greatest invention of mankind - is the amount of interest."


Be thrifty. However, this does not mean that you need to eat only bread and butter, or live in a cardboard box on the street. Cut back on luxury spending, and similar goods, without which you can do. You can replace them with cheaper, which are not always of low quality.


Always follow the basic principle: spend less than you earn.


Pay yourself. To do this, once you get the next paycheck, move 10% in a savings account. Why this amount? In most cases, at the end of the month can not see the difference: we spent 90% or 100% of our salary.


Stop or limit one of itsfixed costs. If you, for example, every day on the way to work buying a cup of coffee for 50 rubles, it is easy to calculate that you spend on it is 13,000 rubles a year. Not enough, is not it?


Become smarter by reading more about personal finance. There are many websites and blogs that are considering this topic, so finding a suitable material may not be a problem.


Think about your project. You can do this at the very beginning of his career, or already in operation. A successful business will allow you to achieve revenue incomparable still level.

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